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The late Federal Judge Joseph Kinneary of Columbus, OH; one of the good guys


In 1998, President Lyndon Johnson had the foresight to appoint Judge Joseph Kinneary as a Judge for the Southern District of Ohio located in Columbus.
Judge Joseph Kinneary honored his position until his untimely death in Feb. 2003.
Unfortunately for Judge Kinneary, he was assigned a case in the 1970s wherein Toledo attorney David R. Pheils, Jr. filed a sham lawsuit against just about every public official in the State of Ohio.
Attorney David R. Pheils’ lawsuit involved his provable in competency as a so-called builder of residential homes in the Newark, Ohio area.
It didn’t take long for Judge Kinneary to determine that attorney David Pheils was dedicated to avoiding even the appearance of propriety. Put simply, Judge Kinneary immediately recognized that Pheils was to put it kindly a rotten, no-good dirty scoundrel who would do or say anything to unjustly enrich himself.
In reviewing the court file in this case, I stumbled upon an order from Judge Kinneary wherein he unilaterally dismissed Pheils’ sham lawsuit. This caused Pheils to file an appeal with the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. Pheils was successful because Judge Kinneary’s dismissal was improper, albeit it was appropriate.
When the Appeals Court ruled, Pheils was living in Toledo. When the case was sent back to Judge Kinneary, he ordered that all future proceedings be conduct in the District Court in Cincinnati. This forced Pheils to have to drive over 200 miles to Cincinnati rather than 130 to Columbus.
Kudos to Judge Kinneary for letting attorney David R. Pheils, Jr. know in no uncertain terms that he found him to be a total embarrassment to the legal profession.
Just another judge who found attorney David R. Pheils, Jr. to be an obnoxious, highly unethical excuse for an attorney who has proven to all of them that he will do or say anything in furtherance of the myriad frauds he’s committed for the sole purpose of unjustly enriching himself.
Of course it goes without saying that as is his wont, attorney David R. Pheils, Jr. spent a great deal of time and effort bad-mouthing Judge Kinneary as he has done in regards to many, many other judges in Ohio who had the courage and/or fortitude in refusing to back-off due to Pheils’ defamatory comments and/or unspeakable and unprofessional behavior.
And lastly, had the term “scumbag” been in use in the late 1970s, I suspect that Judge Kinneary would have adjudged it to be appropriate in defining attorney David R. Pheils, Jr.
Hey Judge Kinneary, if you’re looking down upon us anytime soon, this ol’ Dawg continues to expose the egregious misconduct of so-called attorney David R. Pheils, Jr. Drop me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it when ya have time Judge Kinneary!

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