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Judge Everett Krueger of Delaware, Ohio; ethical jurist

Previously, Judge Everett Krueger of the Delaware Court of Common Pleas located just outside of Columbus, Ohio was the Municipal Court Judge for the City of Delaware.
During his tenure on the Municipal Court, Judge Krueger presided over a criminal case wherein disbarred attorney Dale R. Crandall falsely accused this Watchdawg of “keying” his car.
At the conclusion of the State’s presentation of its case during a jury trial and during the lunch break, the prosecutor, Peter Ruffing, met with Judge Krueger and advised him that he was provided with documentary evidence from me proving that attorney Dale Crandall was guilty of perjury during his direct examination by Mr. Ruffing.
Based on this irrefutable evidence, Judge Everett Krueger, then summarily dismissed the sham criminal complaint against me and excused the jury.
Shortly after his election as a Common Pleas Judge, a malicious prosecution claim I filed against attorney Dale Crandall (disbarred as we speak - Feb. 2010) was assigned to Judge Krueger.
During his time on this civil case, Judge Everett Krueger made several rulings that were adverse to me. Despite the fact that I wasn’t happy about these rulings, I realized upon review that he was right in applying the applicable law.
While this case was pending, Judge Everett Krueger proved to this Ol’ Watchdawg that he wasn’t about to give the proverbial “wink and a nod” to egregious attorney misconduct foisted upon his court.
Subsequently, Judge Everett Krueger found attorney E. J. Leizerman of Toledo, Detroit and Nashville guilty of contempt for giving false testimony in his presence.
I only wish I had a videotape of Judge Everett Krueger’s dressing down of attorney E. J. Leizerman when he found him guilty of contempt and perjury. Judge Krueger’s comments to attorney E. J. Leizerman proved beyond all doubt that he wasn’t about to countenance egregious attorney misconduct.
Despite the unfavorable rulings dispensed against me by Judge Everett Krueger (all of which I must admit were proper), I maintain that he is in fact a prime example of what we should expect from those sitting in judgment of us.
Despite the venomous and untrue commentary spewed forth by Judicial/Attorney Misfits that have been exposed by this Ol’ Watchdog over the past fifteen years, I do not now nor have I ever proclaimed that every judge and/attorney is a Misfit.
When accolades for being an Ethical Giant so to speak are warranted, you can be assured that this Ol’ Watchdawg will give due credit when deserved.
Kudos to Judge Everett Krueger for exhibiting the courage, fortitude and ethics as set forth above.

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