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Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA): Today’s “IHOP (Flip-Flop)” Award Winner


Congratulations to….


Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA)

Today’s “IHOP (Flip-Flop)” Award Winner



This isn’t the first Award presented to Bobby. In the past, he has been the recipient of four (4) Awards in various categories. Those awards are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


In a never ending attempt to dupe GOP voters into electing him as their candidate for the presidency in 2016, Bobby continues to engage in serial flip-flopping to appease the far right and/or members of the Tea Party.


Over the past several years, Bobby was a strong supporter of the Common Core education standards. However, in a lame attempt to kiss a little butt with the right wingers, Bobby now claims that the Common Core Standards are akin to the “centralized planning” in communist Russia.


Examples of Bobby’s serial Flip-Flopping statements are set forth below:

  • Jan 2012 – Over the past four years, we’ve already taken steps to meet our education goals, including … adopting the Common Core State Standards, which will raise expectations for every child.”
  • Sept 2013 – “Our kids have to compete for jobs with kids in other states and other countries. So we are not going to take one step back. We’re not going to move one inch off more rigorous and higher standards for our kids.”
  • Oct 2013 – “We support high academic standards that help ensure Louisiana students are getting the best possible education. What we do not support is a national or federalized curriculum. We need Louisiana standards, not Washington, D.D. standards.
  • May 2014 – “The feds are taking over and rushing this ... Let’s face it: centralized planning didn’t work in Russia, it’s not working with our health care system and it won’t work in education. Education is best left to local control.”

It is painfully clear that Bobby the Flip-Flopper will say anything in order trumpet himself as a viable GOP presidential candidate for 2016. What Bobby really needs is to be served up with a heaping helping of reality because there ain’t no way this moronic loser will ever win the GOP nod for president.


Congrats Bobby; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Flip-Floppers”; you are far too humble.

  1. Ass-Kisser Award Winner = 1
  2. Bullshit Award Winner = 1
  3. Moron Award Winner = 1
  4. Rodney Dangerfield Award Winner = 1



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