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Attorney James I. Aaron of Fresno; scofflaw, moron, ethically indigent

Up until July 2002, attorney James I. Aaron was a sitting Superior Court Judge in Fresno.
James I. Aaron has for some time and presently operates an outfit on Shaw Street in Fresno called “American Judicial Settlements.”
In July 2002, the California Judicial Commission punished Judge James I. Aaron for the following judicial misconduct:
The “Smell Text”
While presiding over drug court, Judge James I. Aaron would order defendants to the bench so he could conduct a “smell test” of their hair or to examine their eyes to determine if they were using drugs. Jim would then have an offending defendant handcuffed, booked and held in jail without ever going through the formal (due process) arrest procedures.
The Ponzi scheme
In addition, to acting as the “snuff police,” Jim ran a Ponzi scheme out of his court. Fresno businessman, Kenneth Roper recruited Judge James I. Aaron and paid him off with a $20,000 finder’s fee to bring in investors (suckers). Jim then took on the position of a “pimp” in talking up the scam, while at the same time neglecting to tell the victims he hadn’t invested one penny or that he was receiving kick-backs from Roper.
Fresno lawyer Dave Mudridge said he eventually invested $2,500, but not because he expected to make money. He said when he’d appear in Judge James I. Aaron’s court; he would take him into chambers to talk about investments, so he finally agreed to invest $2500 “to get him off my back.”
Judge James I. Aaron instructed his court staff that if Roper and any investors (suckers) called, they had prime access to the court, and the calls were to be put through to him immediately. 
When the Ponzi scheme collapsed, Jim agreed to cooperate with the cops (Roper went to jail). Jim’s lawyer said that Judge James I. Aaron and Roper went to the same church, and that Jimmy never thought the scheme was illegal.
Judge James I. Aaron the Deadbeat
Judge James I. Aaron consistently avoided paying his bills. He bounced checks, failed to pay personal property tax on his boat and airplane, defaulted on a note secured by a second mortgage a month after he borrowed the money, and borrowed more than $30,000 from a local businessman without telling him that he failed to make good on several other loans without paying any of it back despite repeated promises to do so.
Judge James I. Aaron bounding checks
On numerous occasions, Judge James Aaron knowingly wrote worthless checks on accounts that he absolutely knew had insufficient funds.
Of course it’s a crime to knowingly write bad checks; however, since judges are “held to a lower standard of conduct” than we are, Judge James I. Aaron was never criminal charged for the multitude of crimes he committed.
Judicial Commission’s Punishment
On July 8, 2002, the enablers and apologists at the California Commission on Judicial Performance punished Judge James I. Aaron by gifting him with a “complimentary” censure.
Attorney James I. Aaron’s Arbitration/Mediation Scam
Attorney James I. Aaron now operates a scam called “American Judicial Settlements” at 516 W. Shaw St. in Fresno. Why is this misfit allowed to use the term “Judicial” while trolling for victims? Anyone in Fresno that hires this clown with the knowledge of his sordid record deserves a good ol’ fashioned screwing.
California State Bar deceiving public
In it’s dual role as the ultimate enablers and apologists for judicial and attorney misfits, the California State Bar fails to inform the public on it’s Web site under “attorney search” that James I. Aaron was previously disciplined. In fact under the title: “Disciplinary and Related Actions,” it states, “This member has no public record of discipline.” Of course this statement is patently false and they know it!

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