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Attorney Tim James of Toledo, Ohio – one of the good guys


Attorney Tim James of Toledo, Ohio is presently the senior partner of Ritter, Robinson, McCready & James, a law firm located in Toledo, Ohio.
This ol’ Dawg can only speak from personal experience in regards to attorneys that have conducted themselves in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession.
Mr. Tim James’ conduct harkens my memory back to the golden days of the legal profession (ca. 1950s) when attorneys were rightfully (in most instances) afforded deference and respect for acting as the ultimate purveyor’s of the truth.
In fact, while attending St. Francis De Sales High School on Bancroft Street in Toledo, Ohio, I specifically recall that some of my fellow students were proud to announce that their father’s were attorneys. And let me tell you what folks, they were right in being proud of their fathers, because at that time (in the day as they say) it was a proud and highly respected (deservedly so) profession.
Unfortunately, my experience with attorneys (ca. 1980-1989) would likely sour the opinion of any reasonably intelligent person (i.e., anyone with an I.Q. in excess of the legal speed limit in a school zone) as to the integrity of the legal profession.
This old Dawg’s unfortunate experience with attorneys in Toledo, Ohio (ca. 1981-1982 is as follows:
  • 1980 – Employed attorney Joseph Westmeyer Jr. – suspended twice
  • 1981 – Employed Tim Gruhler – permanently disbarred
  • 1981 – Employed attorney Dale Crandall – indefinitely suspended
  • 1982 – Employed attorney David Pheils, Jr. – judicially sanctioned $2,500 in 1991 and $110,000 in 2006 for egregious misconduct
  • 1982 – Employed attorney E. J. Leizerman – disciplined in Ohio and Michigan
I should think that it is without precedent that anyone could actually hire five (5) unethical attorneys in a two year period of time, right? Sadly, that’s exactly what happened to me.
Luckily, in early 1982, I actually I stumbled upon a honest attorney named James Nooney who was a partner with a firm of Eastman & Smith in Toledo, Ohio. It wasn’t until 1995 that I again stumbled, if ya will upon another honest attorney, and that was none other than Mr. Timothy James.
It is indeed a sad commentary on the state of the Legal Profession that I was only able to employ two (2) ethical attorneys from 1981 through 1995 out of a total of eight. If my bad luck in selecting dishonest attorneys could have been converted to “good luck” in purchasing winning Ohio Super Lotto tickets, this ol’ Dawg would be a multi-millionaire several times over.
Clearly, it is not a common practice for this ol’ watchdawg to heap praise upon an attorney or judge. However, if I'm ever able to sustain any credibility, then it is incumbent upon me to speak well of those who have dedicated their careers to elevating the Legal Profession to the heights it rightfully enjoyed years ago.
In closing, this ol’ Dawg wishes to express his sincerest gratitude to Mr. Timothy James for his years-long (ca. 1980-2010) conduct in comporting himself in accordance with the highest ethical standards of the legal profession.
Keep up the good work, Timothy! By the way Timmy, I'll pick up the tab next time we go to the Hooter's bar on Monroe Street when I'm in Toledo. Sound like a plan?



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