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Attorney Samuel Bellicini of Walnut Creek, CA; ethical dwarf

The state of California provided Samuel Christian Bellicini with a law license in 1991 after he graduated from the University of San Francisco Law School.
The California State Bar Court found Samuel guilty of the following misconduct.
  1. Failed to cooperate with Bar Court investigators (Up Yours, said Sammy!)
  2. Failed to provide competent legal representation (moron)
  3. Repeatedly lied to clients
  4. Knowingly violated a court order 
Within three years of obtaining his law license, Samuel was forced to resign while disciplinary proceedings were pending against him. 
In the first matter, Samuel retained $2,962 of a client’s funds for payment to the client’s doctor. Instead of making the payment to the doctor, Samuel used the money to gamble and purchase alcohol. Samuel then tried to postpone a lawsuit by the doctor by repeatedly lying to the doctor that he intended to pay him.
In a second matter, Samuel failed to perform any work on his client’s behalf. Samuel’s gross negligence resulted in a default judgment being entered against his client. Samuel then lied to his client that he would attempt to have the default judgment set aside. Samuel then refused to refund the advanced attorney fee the client paid.
In a third matter, Samuel failed to perform with competence. Again, Sam’s gross incompetence led to a default judgment being entered against his client.
In a fourth matter, Samuel improperly withdrew his representation when he abandoned his client.
In a fifth matter, Samuel converted (stole) $358 in client funds for his own personal use. These funds were owed to the client’s doctor. Subsequently, Samuel lied to the doctor that the money was in the mail.
In a sixth matter, Samuel again failed to provide competent legal services. Again, Sam’s incompetence led to a default judgment being entered against his client. Sam then lied to the client about pursing an appeal of the default judgment and then proceeded to abandon the client.
In a seventh matter, Samuel failed to obey a court order that required him to pay monetary sanctions.
Samuel was also a celebrated drunk and gambler who found it acceptable to steal client funds to pay his bar bills and/or to cover his gambling losses.
Because Attorney Misfits in California are held to a much lower standard of conduct then everyone else, Samuel was never criminally charged for stealing his client’s money for his own personal use.
As a consequence of his misconduct, Sammy took the easy way out and resigned while the charges aformentioned were pending. He did so with the knowledge that his law license would likely be revoked.
Magically, several years later, the comedians sitting on the State Bar Court reinstated Sammy's law license. Apparently, the felt Sammy had a constitutional right to try and earn a dishonest living pracitcing law.
As we speak (ca. January 2013), Samuel practices with Fishkin and Slatter LLP at 1575 Treat Blvd in Walnut Creek, California.

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