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Mrs. Mitt Romney: Today’s “Arrogance” Award Winner

During a recent interview on ABC News, Arrogant Ann felt compelled to address the issue of Mitt’s refusal to make public more of his tax returns by saying, “we’ve given all you people need to know about the family’s finances.”
Ann went on to say, the family gives 10% of its income to the Mormon Church and he took no salary while governor of Massachusetts. She said that should be enough to put aside people’s concerns about his finances. Giving $40 to $50 million to the Mormon Church is irrelevant as to the incomes taxes that Mitt and Ann paid. At a minimum, they avoided $10 to $15 million in taxes by writing off their contributions to the Mormon Church.
It’d be nice if Arrogant Ann told us what she meant by “you people.” I suspect she was speaking of those lesser beings such as blue collar workers or the housemaids and gardeners in her employ.
Apparently Ann doesn’t remember that her now deceased father-in-law George Romney turned over 12 years of his tax returns for public viewing.  I’m sure he’d be rolling over in his grave at Ann’s arrogant behavior and that of his son Mitt in refusing to make more of his tax returns available for public scrutiny.
Now I’m not suggesting that Mrs. Romney or Mitt is guilty of tax evasion; however, they sure have gone out of their way to plant the seed of doubt as to whether they are.
And lastly, it is apparent that Arrogant Ann actually believes that her bowel movement is without odor.
Congrats Ann; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of America’s most Arrogant individuals; you are far too humble.

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