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California proudly comes in last on passage of Bar Exam for 2018


In 2018, 12,985 law school graduates took the state bar exam. Of the 12,985 students, only 5,768 passed. This means that only 44.42% of the students were smart enough to pass the test.


7,217 students failed to bar exam test. However, when and if they are able to pass the test in the future, none of them will be required to post a warning on their business cards, website or on there office door advising prospective clients of this relevant fact.


Clearly, a prospective client would like to know when seeking to employ an attorney how many times he/she had to take the bar exam before they passed it. Concealment of such information denies one seeking legal advice the opportunity to determine if they want to hire someone who has repeatedly failed to pay the state bar exam.


Unfortunately, there is no limit in California on how many times someone can take the state bar exam. An example of this asinine policy is the case involving Maxcy D. Filer of Los Angeles who was granted the right to take the test 47 times before he passed it. For further information regarding Maxey the Moron, visit the URL at the end of this article.

If you can employ an attorney to pursue your claims in court in another Western state, then you might want to consider employing an attorney from one of the following states that enjoy a much higher passage rate on the bar exam test then California.

And lastly, when seeking to hire an attorney in California, ask him/her directly how many times they took they bar exam before they passed it and ask them what law school they graduated from and if they Cooley run out of the office as quickly as possible.

  • Idaho – 74.47% passage rate – 502 of 766 students passed test
  • New Mexico – 76.95% passage rate – 237 of 308 students passed test
  • Oregon – 75.26% passage rate – 502 of 677 students passed test
  • Utah – 76.07% passage rate – 302 of 397 students passed test
  • Washington – 67.68% passage rate – 758 of 1,120 students passed test

Certified Moron gifted with California law license after flunking bar exam 47 times





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