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Today’s “Pompous Ass” Award Winner is Ohio State Rep. Lou Blessing

The Ohio Surpeme Court made a monumental error in judgment when they gifted Lou Blessing a license to practice law in 1976.
In 1983, Lou Blessing succeeded in duping the voters in suburban Cincinnati into electing him as a State Representative. After being termed out-of-office, Louie again duped the voters into electing him to the State Senate.
Since 1983 through 2011, Louie has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough.
After Lou and his counterparts in the state legislature voted to basically disembowel union rights in Ohio and effectively reduce their wages, the question was posed as to why house and senate members didn’t vote to cut their pay.
When asked by reporter Joe Guillen of the Cleveland Plain Dealer if he would be willing to share in sacrificing his own pay, Arrogant Louie said, ““I earn my pay, and I’m not ashamed of what I make.”
Clearly, Louie missed his calling as a standup comedian by laughingly stating he “earns his pay.” This asinine statement doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
Louie the Loser hoses Ohio taxpayers by collecting an underserved annual salary of $60,584 and this doesn’t include fringe benefits or gifts (aka, bribes) from special interests looking for favors.
In addition to the $60,580 state salary Louie collects, he also earns an untold sum (est. $150,000) as an attorney. The median income for males in the Cincinnati area is $28,189. This means that Pompous Louie earns at least 8 to 9 times more each year than the constituents he claims to represent.
Congrats Louie; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as a Pompous Ass; you are far too humble.



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