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U.S. Judge William Orrick III of San Francisco; one of the Good Guys


The state of California presented William Orrick III with a law license in 1979 after he graduated from Boston College Law School.


The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline found Billy guilty of the following misconduct.


In one matter, Judge Orrick was assigned to a case that asked the court to block Donald “Trumporleone” Trump’s executive order that attempted to cut funding to so-called sanctuary cities. (Nick Visser)


In mid-November 2017, Judge Orrick issued an order permanently blocking The Don’s executive order aimed at punishing sanctuary cities, and in doing so, Judge Orrick said in part.


“The counties [Plaintiffs] have demonstrated that the executive order has caused and will cause them constitutional injuries by violating the separation of powers doctrine and depriving them of their Tenth and Fifth Amendment rights.”


In his order, Judge Orrick rammed The Don’s words down his throat so to speak when he cited a threat by The Great Leader that he would issue his executive order as “a weapon” against jurisdictions that disagreed with his policies.


Kudos to Judge Orrick for having the courage and fortitude to rule that The Don’s conduct was both unconstitutional and nothing more than pay back to counties like San Francisco and Santa Clara (San Jose) for refusing to submit to The Great Leader’s bigoted and asinine directive.


As we speak (ca. November 2017), Judge Orrick continues to sit as a District Court judge in San Francisco.



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