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Justice Judith Potter of New Zealand; arrogant boob, ethical elf

Unfortunately Justice Judith Potter was presented with a law license in 1965 after graduating from the University of Auckland. Even more unfortunate was Justice Potter’s appointment to the High Court bench in Auckland in 1997.
In the recent past Justice Judith Potter was presiding over a trial in the High Court in Auckland of two defendants charged with attempted murder, assault with a weapon and causing grievous bodily harm.
When the trial went longer than expected, Arrogant Judy aborted it so that she could attend to much more pressing and important matters on behalf of the overtaxed citizens of New Zealand.
Judge Judy’s sorry excuse for aborting the trial was so that she could travel to Panama for a judicial conference lasting several days, followed by a six-week trip around South America. Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers this is certainly much more important than finishing up a trial that had already ran several days, right?
Cost of Arrogant Judy’s Aborted Trial to Taxpayers
During the time in question, Judy’s undeserved annual salary was $212,000 ($260,000 New Zealand Dollars). This means that Judy hosed New Zealanders in the following amounts (US Dollars).
  1. $26,490 - $883 per day (30 work days) for six-week trip around South America
  2. $4,165 - $833 per day (5 work days) for trip to Panama
The $30,000 in unearned/undeserved wages paid to Arrogant Judy by New Zealanders while she was gallivanting around the world doesn’t represent the total cost of her abortion routine.
The costs of the aborted trial by the Dishonorable Judy are difficult to calculate but likely cost New Zealanders at least $25,000 American.
An unreliable source indicated that Judy is a charter member of the Auckland Arrogance Society (ASS).
As we speak (ca. June 2011) Judge the Loser remains on the High Court bench in Auckland.



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