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Florida Judicial 2010 Arrogance Award Winner is Judge Paul Hawkes

The Watchdawg is proud to announce that 1st Court of Appeals Judge Paul Hawkins of Tallahassee is the 2010 Florida Judicial Arrogance Award Winner.
In the recent past, Judge Hawkes had the audacity to find it acceptable to force the overtaxed citizens of Florida to spend nearly $50 million to construct a new courthouse to satisfy his over bloated ego. To suggest that his Dishonor is a pompous buffoon (my apologies to buffoons) is of course an understatement!
Not satisfied with causing the wasteful expenditure of $50 million in taxpayer funds, Judge Hawkes felt he was also entitled to the following amenities:
  • Private soundproof bathroom (Hmmm, wassup with this?)
  • Private kitchen
  • African mahogany trim
  • Granite counter and desk tops
  • Etched glass windows
  • A glass dome and massive columns inside and out
It is painfully clear that Judge Paul Hawkes is of the opinion that his “bowel movement is without odor,” if y’all know what I mean.
As could be expected, Judge Hawkes has dedicated his entire legal career to porkin out at the public trough. After receiving his law degree in 1985, Paulie spent the lion’s share of his unremarkable career working for the State of Florida.
Put simply, Paulie has been a life-long dependent of the State of Florida taxpayers. What a loser!
Congrats Judge Hawkes; keep up the good work! We should let all the taxpayers know of your amazing record of disservice; you are far too modest.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California

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