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David Barton says, Tithing allows your car to go 200,000 miles


During a recent (late March 2016) episode of his Foundation of Freedom comedy series, resident comedian and celebrated lunatic David Barton went about explaining the benefits of tithing to fellow Lunatic Glenn Beck. (Kyle Mantyla)


Dave then went on to tell his and Glenn’s low I.Q. followers:

  • “Everybody is supposed to pay their 10 percent to God [or Jimmy Swaggart]." 
  • "And we don't pay that because God needs it, Deuteronomy says you're to pay the tithe, you do that to learn to be Me first.”
  • “God says the reason you pay the titheis so that you learn to put Me [Swaggart, et al.] at the top of what you do.”

Dave concluded his hyperbolic (BS) rant by saying:

  • “We [Glenn & Dave] both tithe, we know the benefits of that, suddenly your cars go 200,000 miles rather than 80,000 miles, your clothes don't wear out as fast.”
  • “It's what the Bible says, [the Israelites] went for 40 years and their sandals never wore out.”

Of course Dave’s idea of “tithing” is for his followers to make contributions of at least 10% to his self-serving “Wallbuilders” website.


Unfortunately, Bigots and Lunatics like Dave and Glenn have pocketed millions by duping their intellectually impaired followers.


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