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Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR): Today’s “Arrogant Ass” Award Winner


Tommy is yet another loser lawyer that figured out early on after graduating from Harvard Law School just how difficult it was going to be to earn a dishonest living practicing law. As a consequence, he decided to go into the second most ethical profession in the country (used car salesman No. 1), politics.


In November 2014, Tommy duped the voters in Arkansas into electing him as a member of the U.S. Senate.


Arrogant Tommy is the author of a piece of crap sent to the leaders of Iran wherein he falsely claims that Congress has the last say on whether a settlement regarding Iran’s nuclear program bears any fruit. Forty-Six (46) fellow GOP screwballs in the Senate also signed Tommy’s hyperbolic (BS) letter.


Tommy’s claim that Congress has a constitutional right to oversee any agreements made by Obama and Iran is totally false. The constitution doesn’t give Congress any power to dictate foreign policy and/or the contents of any agreements between the Executive branch and any foreign country.


The only constitutional right Congress has in regards to foreign countries, is in ratifying a treaty. However, since we aren’t at war with Iran, any agreement on Iran’s nuclear program cannot possibly be construed as a “treaty.”


It is painfully clear that Cotton is another one of those good old boys that just can’t cotton (pun intended) to the idea that there’s an African American sitting in the White House. As a consequence, Cotton and those of his ilk find it acceptable to totally disrespect of the Office of the President by dealing directly with foreign leaders.


I suspect that in the backrooms of the Senate and/or elsewhere that Tommy may well engage in the following or similar type of conversation with his fellow Super Patriots regarding President Obama.

  • “Do y’all understand that this boy [wink, wink] isn’t really a good American like any of y’all are.”
  • “One thing we know for sure is that this boy doesn’t understand that he is under a continuing duty to show us the respect we deserve.”

Does anyone really believe that Cotton and/or any of his cronies would have had the audacity to act in this manner if Obama was as white as Cotton is?


Lastly, if I was Obama, I would instruct the Secret Service to arrest Cotton and/or any of the 46 senators that signed his letter and toss them in the hoosegow. As president, I certainly would refuse to ever meet with any of these Unpatriotic Losers.


Congrats Tommy; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Arrogant Asses”; you are far too humble. 


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