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Judge Ted Barrows of Columbus, Ohio; honest jurist


Prior to being elected to sit on the Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus, Judge Ted Barrows was the most senior prosecutor in Columbus.
During his stint as prosecutor, I personally met with Mr. Barrows on several occasions while he pursued a misdemeanor complaint I had filed against ex-Maumee, Ohio Mayor James Seney in regards to his violation of Ohio law in filing annual financial disclosure statements.
Early on it became quite apparent to me that Ted Barrows was intent on acting in accordance with the duties imposed upon him as a prosecutor and pursuant to the oath he took as an attorney.


I sincerely believe that the citizens in greater Columbus, Ohio are fortunate to have Judge Ted Barrows sitting on the Municipal Court.
Now, are there some that would disagree with my assessment of Judge Ted Barrows? I’m sure there are; however, my experiences clearly lead me to conclude that he is in fact an honorable jurist.