► During séance, Trumps Grandpa sez The Great Leader’s an embarrassment Print

During séance, Trumps Grandpa sez The Great Leader’s an embarrassment

Donald “Trumporleone” Trump’s grandfather is the late Frederick Trump who was born in 1899 in Germany. He immigrated to the U.S. when he was 16-years-old and started work as a barber. He later migrated to the Northwest where he made a fortune running boom-town restaurants, boarding houses and houses of ill repute (whorehouses).


He later moved back to Germany but was booted out when authorities discovered that he emigrated to the U.S. to avoid fulfilling his military service (draft dodger). He then lost his German citizenship and he and his family were forced to return to the U. S. of A.


During the recent (January 2018) séance conducted by The Right Rev. Sean Hannity, Freddy stated he was angry and thoroughly embarrassed at The Great Leaders’ conduct as set forth below.


Sexual tryst with Porn Star Stormy Weather

Calling African countries “shitholes”

Engaging in Serial Adultery

Defrauding Trump University students

Grabbing women by the Pussy


At the end of the séance, Freddy was heard to say:

  • “I don’t want anything to do with that draft dodging loser”
  • “I’m tired of being laughed at by my comrades here in purgatory because of Donnie’s conduct”
  • “I was totally disgusted to learn that Donnie was screwing a porn star just after his wife Melania gave birth to my great, great grandson Barron”
  • “I was pilloried by members of my Chess team after Donnie lied that his inauguration crowd was the largest in history”

Freddy’s last recorded comment was:


“I totally and forever disavow being related to this stinkin' serial liar and disgusting whoremonger.”


This should persuade The Great Leader to be aware of persons crawling out of the grave (aka, deep underground state) to expose him for being America’s Premier Liar, Bigot, Serial Adulterer and just a plain ol’ Scumbag.