► State Rep. Cecil Bell (R-TX): Today’s “Homophobe” Award Winner Print

State Rep. Cecil Bell (R-TX): Today’s “Homophobe” Award Winner

Congratulations to….


State Rep. Cecil Bell (R-TX)

Today’s “Homophobe” Award Winner



In November 2012, Cecil duped the voters in the suburbs of Houston into electing him as a member of the Texas House of Representatives.


In January 2015, Cecil the Phobe introduced legislation that would strip the salary, pension, and other benefits from any Texas state employee who issues a same-sex marriage license.


The Homophobic Moron’s (my apologies to Morons) legislation includes a provision which laughingly attempts to immunize Texas from any legal action challenging his proposed law by mandating that state courts dismiss any such challenges and award court costs and attorney’s fees to the state.


Anyone with an I.Q. in the triple digits knows for a fact that any such law would be declared unconstitutional on its face.


It is indeed a sad state of affairs when a loser like Rep. Bell can utilize scarce tax dollars to promote his bigoted and homophobic views.


Congrats Cecil; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Homophobes”; you are far too humble.