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Rev. Graham sez: Christians must win every Mayor’s office to stop Evil LGBT rights


During his bigoted “Decision America” tour, the Right Rev. Franklin Graham made a recent (mid-February 2016) stop in Atlanta to speak about the need for so-called conservative Christians to not only vote, but to run for office, saying that if every city in America had a Christian mayor, we wouldn’t have “evil” and “wicked” policies like LGBT nondiscrimination measures. (Miranda Blue)


The Homophobic Bigot went on to tell his fellow bigots:

  • “Can you imagine the impact if every community and every city across this great land of ours was run by Christian men and women in that office as mayor.”

The Rev. Graham then falsely claimed that “90 percent of Christians” in Charlotte failed to vote, thereby allowing an LGBT supporter to be elected mayor. Franklin’s false claim about voter turnout doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. He then went on to tell the low I.Q. attendees:

  • “And we got a woman and her goal is the gay-lesbian agenda.”
  • “Now, that’s what happens when Christians don’t vote.”
  • “That’s what we get; this is the kind of garbage we get.”

Graham’s bigoted rant was aimed at allowing transgender folks into bathrooms for men and for women only. Apparently, Graham is unaware of restrooms for men and women or family restrooms.


Graham and his fellow parasitic bigots have lived quite comfortably by attacking members of the gay community. The audacity to claim they he and those of his ilk are actually “Christians” gives real Christians a bad name.


One must seriously wonder why Franklin expends so much energy spewing forth hatred towards members of the gay community. Maybe we need to ask Franklin the following:


“What’s in your closet, Franklin?”


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