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Rev. John Hagee sez Christians must storm voting booth and vote The Bible 


The Right Rev. John Hagee is a well known and highly disrespected bigot, mysoginist, lunatic and homophobe, and those are his good points.


During a recent (early October 2015) appearance on fellow charlatan James Robison’s comedy television program, Johnny and Jimmy began their loony discussion by speaking of the existence and influence of demons who became demon-possessed after playing with tarot cards. (Kyle Mantyla)


After spewing forth his hyperbolic (BS) demon crap, Johnny went on to claim the importance of getting Christians to vote in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. Johnny and Jimmy then said:


Jimmy: It’s imperative that the church “rise up and correct this nation’s course.”

Johnny:  Christians must “storm the voting booths and vote the Bible” in order to throw all the “pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage" politicians out of office.


Johnny went on to say:

  • “The Bible says when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice.”
  • “But the people of God have to stand up and speak up.”
  • "We, as salt and light, need to storm the voting booths and vote the Bible.”
  • “Don't send some political hack to Washington who will continue doing the same old things of pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, all of the things that are dragging this country down.”
  • “Send someone that has a godly conviction, not what the speech they are writing or giving but by what their voting record says they are.”

As we all know, the House of Representatives, controlled by the GOP is chock full of political hacks who are dyed-in-the-wool bigots, homophobes and misogynists.


Apparently, Johnny is hoping that even more bigoted homophobes and misogynists will be elected to the house in 2016 along with a like minded president.


And lastly, what is really disgusting is the fact that Johnny and those of his ilk are considered charitable tax exempt organizations when in fact they’re nothing more than political groups. Giving Johnny tax exempt status is akin to the IRS declaring that the Bunny Ranch in Reno is a charitable organization and therefore tax exempt. 


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