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Attorney Valeria Healy of New York City; potty mouth bully


The state of New York provided Valeria Calafiore Healy with a law license in 2004 after she graduated from the University of New Hampshire Law School.


In one matter, U.S. Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu of Oakland, California sanctioned Valeria for flinging iced coffee towards opposing counsel during the taking of a deposition in a civil matter.


Judge Ryu sanctioned Valeria $250 which is meant to compensate attorney Thomas Wallerstein for damages caused when the coffee splattered on his clothing and belongings.


The coffee tossing indicted took place after Mr. Wallerstein told Valeria on two occasions to “be quiet,” the second time after Valeria warned Mr. Wallerstein to never repeat that phrase (be quiet) again.


Valeria then told her witness she was going to contact the court and that they should “just go,” which caused Mr. Wallerstein to advise against such conduct since. the witness was under a court order to appear. Mr. Wallerstein then told Valeria: “I think you should take five and think about it.” Valeria responded as follows:

  • “No, I think you should taking a fucking break!”

After this comment, Valeria tossed the coffee cup at Mr. Wallerstein.


As we speak (March 2017), Valeria practices with Healy LLC at 154 Grand Street in New York, New York.