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Attorney George B. Achola of Omaha; thief

The Nebraska Counsel for Attorney Discipline found George B. Achola guilty of the following misconduct.
While employed by a law firm in Omaha, George found it convenient to write checks on the firm’s account to pay his personal expenses. The referee investigating George’s conduct ruled:
  1. George fraudulently directed the firm’s bookkeeper to write checks payable to his creditors.
  2. Provided the bookkeeper with inaccurate (false) information as to the purpose to be noted on the checks
  3. George secretly removed checks from the bookkeeper’s office
  4. George purposely chose to not provide the bookkeeper with carbon copies of the checks to prevent her from reconciling the firm’s books
George’s Hyperbolic (BS) Defense to Embezzling Firm’s Funds
George had the chutzpah to defend his thefts by saying that he “intended to repay” the firm. Of course he didn’t come up with the laughable defense until after he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
Unbelievably, the so-called referee in the case actually bought into George’s BS that when he stole the money he intended to pay it back. I wonder why John Dillinger never utilized this defense. The referee also said he was impressed with George’s “sincere remorse.” This is the same kind of crap that every criminal spews forth once they’re caught!
And lastly, the referee was also impressed with George’s claim that he was suffering from financial difficulties. That’s not a legitimate defense! It’s nothing more than a lame excuse! I’m sure that any judge in Nebraska would scoff at a criminal defendant charged with robbery if he/she defended the thefts by claiming they did so because they were suffering from financial difficulties.
As a consequence of his thefts, the patron saints for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Nebraska Supreme Court punished George by gifting him with a three-year suspension of his law license.
Because Attorney Misfits in Nebraska are held to a much lower standard of conduct then everyone else, George was never criminally charged for stealing money from his law firm. Isn’t Nebraska a great country?
As we speak (ca. May 2012) George practices law at 540 South 27th Street in Omaha, Nebraska