Judicial Perverts
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1 ► Is the Judiciary’s self-discipline of judges a joke? Is ketchup normally red?
2 ► American Judicial Assn announces new Sexual Harassment Code for Judges
3 ► Why are Judicial Misfits immune from criminal prosecution for committing Perjury?
4 ► Judge Richard Albritton, Jr. of Florida; pervert, misogynist
5 ► Ex-Judge Roland Amundson of Minneapolis; disgusting degenerate, ethical gnome
6 ► Judge Leon Archer of Dadeville, AL; disgusting pervert
7 ► Former Judge Joel Baker of Tyler, TX; pervert
8 ► Judge Theodore Berry of Cincinnati, OH; pervert, loser
9 ► Former Judge Thurman Bill Bartie of Port Arthur, TX; child abuser, sadist
10 ► Is ex-Judge Bryce Bartu of Nebraska a disgusting pervert? Dern Tootin he is!!
11 ► Former Judge James W. Bates, Jr. of Seattle; serial pervert
12 ► Judge Francesco Bellomo of Italy; serial pervert
13 ► Ex-Judge Allan Berkhimer of Somerset, PA; potty mouth, pervert, repeat offender
14 ► Judge David Berta of Lorain, OH; Il Duce Wannabee, pervert, ethical leper-con, moron
15 ► Judge James Blackstock of Houston; certified pervert, moron
16 ► Judge Brett Blomme of Cottage Grove, WI; disgusting pervert
17 ► Judge Joseph Boeckmann Jr. of Wynne, AR; disgusting pervert
18 ► Judge Joseph Boeckmann Jr. of Wynne, AR; pervert, repeat offender
19 ► Judge Thomas Bollinger, Sr. of Baltimore; apologist for sexual perverts/ wife beaters
20 ► Former Judge William C. Bradley, Jr. of Wilmington, DE; child molester, pervert
21 ► Judge Ralph Boone of Brookhaven, MS; Pervert, Liar, Jimmy Swaggart Wannabee
22 ► Judge Timothy Bowles of Essex, UK; pervert
23 ► Judge Paul Braden of Whitley County, KY; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee
24 ► Judge Peter Bullock of Harrogate, UK; pervert
25 ► Ex. Judge Jon Philip Carr of Milledgeville, GA; pervert, child molester
26 ► Judge Russ Casey of Hurst, TX; accused pervert
27 ► Ex-Judge Edward Cashman of Vermont, apologist for pedophiles, moron
28 ►Former U.S. Judge Paul Cassell of Salt Lake City;enabler for Judicial Pervs
29 ► Judge Douglas Chumbley of Miami; certified pervert
30 ► Judge Robert Cicale of Central Islip, NY; disgusting pervert
31 ► Former Judge Bryant Cochran of Chatsworth, GA; pervert, misogynist
32 ► Former Judge Charles Cope of Clearwater, FL; pervert, misogynist
33 ► Retired Judge William Daisy of Greensboro, NC; pervert
34 ► Judge Mark DeCaria; enabler for Judicial Perverts
35 ► Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio of Las Vegas; loathsome pervert, celebrated moron
36 ► Former Judge Mark Demming of Tacoma, WA; potty mouth pervert
37 ► Judge Hector De Pena Jr. of Corpus Christi; serial pervert
38 ► Justice Lori Douglas of Winnipeg, Manitoba; pervert, Dufus
39 ► Ex-Judge Brandt Downey III of Clearwater, FL; certified pervert, moron
40 ► Former Judge Christopher Dupuy of Santa Fe, TX; pervert
41 ►Judge Hassan El-Amin of Upper Marlboro, MD; perverted loser
42 ► Judge Gustavo Garza of Brownsville, TX; pervert; ethically deprived, moron
43 ► Judge George Ferguson of Abbeville, SC; pervert
44 ► Judge John Fishel of York, PA; disgusting pervert
45 ► Judge Steven Fuller of Florence, AZ; alleged criminal pervert
46 ► Judge Scott Gallina of Clarkston, WA; serial pervert
47 ► Judge Stephen Gerard of Iowa City; repeat offender, lazy, ethically disadvantaged
48 ► Judge James Gibbons of New York City; certified pervert
49 ► Judge John Gibson of San Bernadino; pervert
50 ► Judge Allen Gilbert of San Angelo, TX; pervert, moron, ethically moribund
51 ► Judge Warren Grant of London, UK; pervert
52 ► Former Judge Ronald Hare of Salt Lake City; pervert, Sen. Larry Craig Wannabee
53 ► Judge Richard Halloran of Detroit; Pervert or Hokey Pokey aficionado?
54 ► Judge Michael Hanuszczak of Syracuse, NY; perverted loser
55 ► Judge Jesse Harris of Tulsa; pervert, scofflaw
56 ► Former Judge John Harris of Los Angeles; pervert
57 ► Judge Jacqueline Hatch of Flagstaff; apologist for sexual deviants
58 ► Judge Michael Hecht of Tacoma, WA;criminal, racist, pervert
59 ► Judge Timothy Henderson of Wichita; perverted loser
60 ► Judge John Henriksen of Georgetown, DE; perverted loser
61 ► Judge John Henry of Pomeroy, Washington; pervert
62 ► Judge Rhonda Hollander of Ft. Lauderdale; pervert, certified nutcase, voyeur
63 ► Judge Don Higginbotham of Georgetown, TX; pervert, potty mouth racist, misogynist
64 ► Former Judge Mohamed Hilmy of the Maldives; convicted pervert
65 ► Judge Rhonda Hollander of Ft. Lauderdale; pervert, certified nutcase, voyeur
66 ► Ex. Judge Calvin Hotard of New Orleans; scofflaw, pervert
67 ► Former Judge James O. Hughes, Jr. of Myrtle Beach; pervert, potty mouth
68 ► Ex. Judge D. Ronald Hyde of Oakland, CA; repeat offender, pervert, potty mouth
69 ► Judge Gregg Iddings of Adrian, MI; pervert, adulterer
70 ► Judge Charles Irwin of Sierra Vista, AZ; potty mouth pervert
71 ► Judge Donald Jackson of Houston, pervert
72 ► Judge Jeffrey Johnson of Los Angeles; serial pervert
73 ► Judge Marquis Jones of Toms River, NJ; drunk, pervert, liar
74 ► Judge Randy Jinks of Talladega, AL; bigoted pervert
75 ► Judge Richard Jones of Nebraska – degenerate pervert, misogynist, certified moron
76 ► Judge Jeffrey Joy of Shrewsbury, PA; pervert
77 ► Judge Jan Jurden of Delaware; apologist for child molesters
78 ► Judge Charles Kahn Jr. of Tallahassee, FL; pervert; moron, mental case
79 ► Judge Daniel Kathren of Kennewick, WA; disgusting pervert
80 ► Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan of the UK; pervert, moron
81 ► Former Judge Robert Kline of Anaheim, CA; disgusting pervert
82 ► U.S. Judge Alex Kozinski of Pasadena, CA; serial pervert
83 ► Judge Stanley Levin of Ft. Wayne; potty mouth pervert
84 ► Is Judge Ron Mamiya of Seattle a Pervert?
85 ► Judge Larnzell Martin Jr. of Upper Marlboro, MD; pervert
86 ► Judge Errol Massiah of Toronto; serial pervert
87 ► Judge Andrew Maw of Grimsby, UK; pervert
88 ► Ex. Judge Richard K. McCarthy of Pittsburgh, habitual drunk, pervert
89 ► Ex-Judge Michael McGuire of North Dakota a despicable pervert?
90 ► Judge Richard B. McQuade - Thief, Bigot, Pervert, Womanizer, Misogynist, Scofflaw
91 ► Judge Richard Miller II of Binghamton, NY; serial pervert
92 ► Ex-Judge Marvin Dean Mitchell of Amarillo; serial pervert, criminal
93 ► Judge Rosendo Morales of San Luis, AZ; pervert
94 ► Former Judge Truman Morrison III of DC; disgusting pervert
95 ► Judge Pat Murdoch of Albuquerque; Pervert, Lifetime Porker, Loser
96 ► Judge Robert F. Murray of Plymouth County, MA; pervert, liar
97 ► Judge Michael Muth of East Stroudsburg, PA; pervert, crook
98 ► Former Judge Tim Nolan of California, KY; disgusting pervert
99 ► Former Judge James Paterson of Lorain, OH; disgusting pervert
100 ► Admin Law Judge Henry Perez Jr. of Livonia, MI; indicted pervert
101 ► Judge Jeff Perilloux of Edgar, LA; criminally charged pervert
102 ► Justice Randy Pierce of Mississippi; Enabler for Judicial Perverts
103 ► Judge Joseph Polito of Joliet, IL; Lifelong Pervert
104 ► Former Ohio Judge Dallas Powers; Serial Pervert
105 ► Ex. Judge Dallas Powers of Lebanon, OH; serial pervert, convict
106 ► Former Judge H. Paul Pressler III of Houston; accused child molester
107 ► Judge David Ramsey of British Columbia: serial pervert
108 ► Former Judge Clark Rehme of Indianapolis; serial pervert
109 ► Judge David Ricciardone of Worcester, MA; apologist for child molesters
110 ► U.S. Judge Richard Roberts of DC; pervert
111 ► Ex-judge George Robertson of Salina, KS; congenital liar, pervert
112 ► Former Judge Conrad Rushing of San Jose; serial pervert
113 ► Judge Robert Scandurra of Barnstable, MA; sympathizer for child molesters
114 ► Magistrate Judge Michael Schechterly of New Bloomfield, PA; disgusting pervert
115 ► Judge Willie Singletary of Philadelphia; pervert, Brett Favre Wannabee, repeater
116 ► Ex-Judge David Selwood of the United Kingdom; a certified pervert, hypocrite
117 ► Judge Steven Servass of Grand Rapids, MI; pervert, lifetime porker
118 ► Former Judge Michael Shaw of Sayre, PA; perverted lose
119 ► Judge Bob Schwartz of Albuquerque; pervert, ethical dwarf
120 ► Former Judge Francis Simon of Beaufort, SC; pervert, dirty-old-man
121 ► U.S. Judge Walter Smith Jr. of Waco; pervert's punishment
122 ► U.S. Judge Walter Smith Jr. of Waco, TX; pervert
123 ► Chief Justice Myron T. Steele of Delaware; pervert, Dumbo
124 ► Judge Scott Steiner of Santa Ana; lifetime porker, pervert
125 ► Judge Isaac Stolzfus of Intercourse, PA; pervert, screwball, nutcase
126 ► Judge Craig Storey of Ogden, UT; certified pervert, moron
127 ► Judge Om Prasad Subedi of Katmandu, India; unfaithful, sex addict
128 ► Judge Paul Sushchyk of Boston, MA; perverted loser
129 ► Ex-judge Donald Thompson – Oklahoma’s premier pervert; moron and hands-on jurist
130 ► Judge N. James Turner of Orlando; pervert and nut case
131 ► Former Judge Danny Ray Wells of Logan County, WV; convict, pervert
132 ► Ex-judge Merle Wilcox of Island County, Washington; certified pervert, misogynist
133 ► Judge Guy Williams of Corpus Christi, TX; disgusting pervert
134 ► Judge Michael Wood of County Durham, UK; pervert
135 ► Judge Abdul Baari Yoosuf of Male, Maldives; sexual batterer
136 ► Judge Jonathan Young of Cookeville, TN; perverted loser

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