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41 ► Donald Trump’s 71st post-election lie: Giant TVs outside Tampa rally cuz I’m so popular
42 ► Donald Trump’s 70th post-election lie: U.S. Steel opening 7 new plants
43 ► Donald Trump’s 69th post-election lie: Queen Elizabeth late for meeting
44 ► Donald Trump’s 68th post-election lie: I won the women’s vote
45 ► Donald Trump Jr.: Today’s “Congenital Liar” Award Winner
46 ► Donald Trump’s 67th post-election lie: Fake Dirty Dossier
47 ► Trump’s 66th post-election lie: Jimmy Kimmel opens my car door
48 ► Trump’s 65th post-election lie: rejected request to add 5,000 immigration judges
49 ► Trump’s 64th post-election lie: Dems want illegals to infest country
50 ► Trump’s 63rd post-election lie: Parents asked me to bring back remains from Korean War
51 ► Trump’s 62nd post-election lie: Mueller will meddle in Midterm election
52 ► Trump’s 61st post-election lie: Democrats protecting MS-13 thugs
53 ► Trump’s 60th post-election lie: Justice Department framing him for crime
54 ► Trump’s 59th post election lie: the “criminal deep state”
55 ► Trump’s 58th post election lie: Obama embedded spy in Trump campaign
56 ► Trump’s 57th post election lie: most successful administration in history
57 ► Trump’s 56th post-election lie: Democrats want criminals pouring into country unchecked
58 ► Trump’s 55th post-election lie: Mueller probe should never started
59 ► Trump’s 54th post-election lie: Rep. Schiff probably did something illegal
60 ► Trump’s 53rd post-election lie: Rep. Adam Schiff is a total phony
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