Attorney Perverts
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1 ► Attorney Theodore Abrams of Tucson, AZ; perverted loser
2 ► Attorney Stephen Addison of Madison, WI; convicted of public sex act
3 ► Attorney Gilbert Abramson of Saratoga County, NY; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee
4 ► Attorney Mark H. Adams of Tacoma, WA; peeping Tom, Pervert
5 ► Attorney Stephen Addison of Madison, WI; convicted of public sex act
6 ► Attorney Luis Aguilar of El Paso; potty mouth pervert, Gadaffi Wannabee
7 ► Attorney Gary Appelblatt of Sacramento; pervert, criminal
8 j► Attorney Steven Ahlers of Livermore, CA; potty mouth pervert
9 ► Attorney Javier Armengau of Columbus, OH; pervert
10 ► Attorney Frank Astrella of Joliet, IL; pervert
11 ► Attorney Lawrence Baker of Rochester, NY; pervert
12 ► Attorney Michael Baker of Encino, CA; serial pervert
13 ► Attorney Steven Barr of Colorado Springs; pervert, repeat offender
14 ► Attorney David Bell of New Orleans; pervert, moron
15 ► Attorney Mark Benavides of San Antonio; serial pervert
16 ► Attorney Vincent Bernabei of Beaverton, OR; convicted pervert
17 ► Attorney L. Frank Bergner Jr. of Aurora, CO; pervert
18 ► Attorney Glenn Besnyl of Diamond Bar, CA; convicted perv
19 ► Attorney Arthur S. Block of Riverside, CA; pervert, ethically impaired
20 ► Attorney Paul Boone of Jacksonville; sexual deviant
21 ► Attorney Clayton Boulware of Lafayette Hill, PA; convicted pervert
22 ► Attorney J. Michael Boxley of Albany, NY; convicted pervert
23 ► Attorney Edward Brockman of Penn Yan, NY; pervert
24 ► Attorney Gary Broder of Waterbury, CT; pervert, loser
25 ► Attorney Barry Brown of Redwood City; convicted pervert
26 ► Attorney Robert Brown Jr. of Raleigh; serial pervert
27 ► Attorney Mark Bunch of Kennewick, WA; convicted pervert
28 ► Attorney John Burgess of Bellevue, WA; convicted pervert
29 ► Attorney Nick Burgrabe of Lincoln, IL; degenerate pervert, lush
30 ► Attorney Fred J. Burkholder of Salem, MA; perverted loser
31 ► Attorney Lawrence Buswell, Jr. of Plaistow, NH; disgusting pervert
32 ► Attorney Benjamin Butler of Chicago; convicted of public sex act
33 ► Attorney Michael Butterfield of Newfoundland, CAN; pervert
34 ► Attorney Johnnie L. Caldwell, Jr. of Thomaston, GA; pervert, ethical elf
35 ► Attorney James Campbell of Hingham, MA; convicted pervert
36 ► Attorney Terry Canales of Alice, TX; pervert, scofflaw
37 ► Attorney Paul A. Carthew of Rochester, MI; felonious pervert
38 ► Attorney Franklin Casco, Jr. of Irvine, CA; pervert
39 ► State Attorney William Cervone of Gainesville; champion for convicted Perv
40 ► Attorney Kirk Chamberlin of Encino, CA; Wife Beating Perv
41 ► Attorney Thomas Connolly III of Oceanside, CA; convicted pervert
42 ► Attorney Rene A. Cooper of Detroit; serial pervert
43 ► Attorney Steven Copenhaver of Houston; pervert
44 ► Attorney Richard Crane of Las Vegas; convicted Perv
45 ► Attorney Russell Cranmer of Wichita, KS; convicted pervert
46 ► Attorney Daniel Crawford of Tulsa; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee, ethical gnome
47 ► Attorney Ronald Davidovic of Toronto, CAN; Convicted Pervert
48 ► Attorney David Davis of Winnipeg, CAN; pervert, repeat offender
49 ► Attorney Chauncey Depew of Kansas City, MO; serial pervert, misogynist
50 ► Attorney John DiBlasi of Westchester County, NY; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee
51 ► Attorney Donald Dudley of Milwaukee; pervert
52 ► Attorney Luther Dye of Queens, NY; certified pervert, bigot
53 ► Attorney Michele Eliot of Casper, WY; convict, pervert
54 ► Attorney Adam Ellis of Tallahassee; pervert, wife beater
55 ► Attorney Joseph Engl of Manitowoc, WI; pervert, criminal
56 ► Attorney Kerry Evans of Ontario, Canada; disgusting pervert
57 ► Attorney William Ezzell of Gainesville, FL; convicted pervert
58 ► Attorney Dwight Faulhaber of Eugene, OR; pervert, ethical gnome
59 ► Attorney Stanley Feinstein of Chatsworth, CA; convicted pervert
60 ► Attorney William Feldman of Upper Arlington, OH; convicted pervert
61 ► Attorney Charles Fife of Denver; serial pervert
62 ► Attorney Michael Fine of Avon, OH; disgusting pervert
63 ► Attorney Gerald Fishman of Chicago; pervert
64 ► Attorney Steven Ford of St. Ignace, MI, disgusting pervert
65 ► Attorney Robert Forquer of Scottsdale, AZ; disgusting pervert
66 ► Attorney Robert Foster of Clinton, OK; disgusting pervert
67 ► Attorney Thomas Freeman of Norwalk, OH; pervert
68 ► Attorney Randall Fritzler of Vancouver; pervert, repeat offender
69 ►Attorney Bradley Frick of Columbus, OH; apologist for convicted perverts
70 ► Attorney Randolph Furman of Longview, WA; pervert, moron
71 ► Attorney Carl Gabrielse of Holland, MI; convicted pervert
72 ► Attorney Christopher Garcia of Los Angeles; convicted pervert
73 ► Attorney Michael S. Garofalo of Sparta, NJ; potty mouth pervert
74 ► Attorney Devin Garramone of Utica, NY: pervert, convict
75 ► Attorney Kenneth Gurber of Chicago; pervert, flasher
76 ► Attorney John B. Hagler of Cleveland, TN; pervert, screwball
77 ► Attorney William G. Halby of Brooklyn, NY; pervert, Dumbo
78 ► Attorney Joseph J. Haldusiewicz of Newark, NJ: convicted pervert
79 ► Attorney John Harkins of Fredericksburg, VA; pervert
80 ► Attorney James Hauser of Maitland, FL; pervert, adulterer
81 ► Attorney Bryan Hedges of Syracuse, NY; disgusting pervert
82 ► Attorney Ross Heim of Kildeer, IL; sexually assaulted stepdaughter
83 ► Attorney Murdoch Hertzog of Michigan; Pervert, liar, repeater
84 ► Attorney Tommy Hindman of Knoxville; convicted pervert
85 ► Attorney Robert Hollman of Odessa, TX; degenerate pervert
86 ► Attorney Cynthia Holloway of Tampa; pervert, moron
87 ► Attorney Thomas Hood of Plainfield, NJ; disgusting pervert
88 ► Attorney Joseph Hurley of Wilmington, DE; potty mouth pervert
89 ► Attorney Ty Hyderally of Montclair, NJ; pervert
90 ► Attorney Matthew Igbinosun of Toronto, Canada; pervert, Dufus
91 ► Attorney Michael Inglimo of Superior, WI; pervert, loser
92 ► Attorney Allen H. Isaac of Valley Stream, NY: dirty old man
93 ► Attorney Jesse Jackson Jr. of West Chester, OH; thief, convict, pervert
94 ► Attorney Thomas Jeffrey of Santa Rosa, CA; pervert
95 ► Attorney Howard Jenkins Jr. of Austin, TX; serial pervert
96 ► Attorney David Evan Jones of Sacramento; pervert, convict
97 ► Attorney Franklin Jones of Rochester, NH; pervert, moron
98 ► Attorney Peter Katic of Munster, IN; pervert
99 ► Attorney David T. Kaye of Escondido, CA; pervert, convict, peeping Tom
100 ► Attorney James W. Kennedy of Toms River, NJ; convicted pervert
101 ► Attorney Robert Kerzka of Indian River, MI; convicted pervert
102 ► Attorney Robert Ketter of Topeka, KS; serial pervert
103 ► Prosecutor Ralph Kimble of Coldwater, MI; disgusting pervert
104 ► Attorney Jack King of Winnipeg; moronic pervert
105 ► Attorney Frank Kirk of Oklahoma City; disgusting pervert
106 ► Attorney Amos Kirkpatrick of Anniston, AL; pervert
107 ► Attorney Gary Kivett of Spruce Pine, NC; serial pervert
108 ► Attorney Larry Klayman of DC; pervert, child molester
109 ► Attorney Robert Koch of Tempe, AZ; pervert, serial criminal
110 ► Attorney Victor Kudra of South Australia; pervert
111 ► Attorney David Kuhns of Salem, OR; misogynistic pervert
112 ► Attorney Bradley Lamb of Lake Butler, FL; convicted pervert
113 ► Attorney David Landry of Kenai, AK; pervert, moron, ethical gnome
114 ► Attorney John Lange of Southfield, MI; disgusting pervert
115 ► Attorney Gary Lawrence of Southport, NC; disgusting pervert
116 ► Attorney James E. Leeny of Chicago; pervert, convict
117 ► State Rep. Steve Lebsock (D-CO): Today’s Public Official Misfit/Pervert
118 ► Attorney Lua Lepianka of Gainesville; supports convicted Perv
119 ► Attorney Mark Lichtenwalter of Chaska, MN; disgusting pervert
120 ► Attorney Zachary Light of Medford, OR; disgusting pervert
121 ► Attorney Stephen Linnen of Columbus, OH; disgusting pervert
122 ► Attorney Stephen Linnen of Columbus, OH; convicted pervert
123 ► Attorney Robbie Levin of Marietta, GA; convicted pervert
124 ► Attorney J.M. Long, III of Columbia, SC; serial pervert
125 ► Attorney Anthony Lopez of Aliso Viejo, CA; convicted pervert
126 ► Attorney Anthony LoRusso of Buffalo; loathsome pervert, misogynist
127 ► Attorney Kenneth Lynn of Farmington Hills, MI; convicted pervert
128 ► Attorney Hugo J. Mack of Ypsilanti, MI; convicted sex offender
129 ► Attorney Keith Magness of Gretna, LA; perverted jerkoff
130 ► Attorney Edward Maldonado of Phoenix; disgusting pervert
131 ► Attorney Andrew F. Malone of Media, PA; convicted pervert
132 ► Attorney Bruce Mandel of Torrance, CA; convicted pervert
133 ► Attorney Howard Manheimer of Winchester, VA; accused pervert
134 ► Attorney Henry Martinez Jr. of Solana Beach, CA; convicted pervert
135 ► Attorney Eugenio Mathis of Las Vegas, NM; pervert
136 ► Attorney Ira. S. Mayo of Torrington, CT; pervert, repeat offender
137 ► Attorney Timothy McCalep of Atlanta; pervert
138 ► Attorney William C. McClain of Terre Haute, IN; despicable pervert
139 ► Attorney Lawrence McCreey of Lihue, HI; dirty old man
140 ► Attorney Vincent McGraw of Lawrenceville, GA; pervert, liar
141 ► Attorney Dale McKenna of Scottsdale, AZ; convicted pervert
142 ► Gary Mellor of Seward, NE; disgusting pervert
143 ► Attorney Allen Meyers of Troy, MI; convicted pervert
144 ► Attorney Alberto Miera Jr. of St. Paul, MN; pervert, repeater
145 ► Attorney Grover Miskovsky of Oklahoma City; disgusting pervert
146 ► Attorney John Mismas of Willoughby, OH; pervert
147 ► Attorney Robert Moilanen of Vancouver; pervert; misogynist, sadist
148 ► Attorney C. Michael Moore of Jackson, OH; pervert
149 ► Attorney John Moore of Phoenix; sexual deviant
150 ► Attorney William Moore of Enterprise, AL; lying pervert
151 ► Attorney Gerald Moothart of Ames, IA; serial pervert
152 ► Attorney Michael Morgan of Seattle; pervert, moron, II Duce Wannabee
153 ► Attorney Dan Murdock of Oklahoma City; convicted pervert
154 ► Attorney David Murray of Denver; convicted pervert
155 ► Barrister Sam Nguyen of Queensland, AUS; pervert
156 ► Attorney Kenneth O. Nix of Smyrna, GA; pervert
157 ► Attorney Edward Nottingham of Denver; pervert, scofflaw, moron
158 ► Attorney Chance Oberstein of Redondo Beach, CA; degenerate pervert
159 ► Attorney Joseph O’Malley of North Royalton, OH; convicted pervert
160 ► Attorney Peter O’Rourke of Harbor Springs, MI; pervert
161 ► Attorney A. Edward Overton of Tarpon Springs, FL; pervert
162 ► Attorney George Parker of Cincinnati; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee, moron
163 ► Attorney James Paterson of Lorain, OH; disgusting perver
164 ► Attorney Lynn Pearlstein of Scottsdale, AZ; pervert
165 ► Attorney James Peck IV of West Orange, NJ; convicted pervert
166 ► Attorney Alexander Perez of Fullerton, CA; convicted pervert
167 ► Attorney Eric Powell of Parkersburg, WV; disgusting pervert
168 ► Attorney James Ray of New York City; certified Pervert
169 ► Attorney Mario Restifo of Erie, PA; apologist for attorney perverts
170 ► Attorney Aaron A. Ridenbaugh of Bolivar, OH; voyeur, pervert
171 ► Attorney Bruce Riedel of Lafayette, CA; convicted pervert
172 ► Attorney James Rocchio of Bloomfield Hills, MI; convicted pervert
173 ► Attorney Edward Rollins of Elkton, MD; convicted perv
174 ► Attorney William Roush of Birmingham, MI; convicted pervert
175 ► Attorney Bradley Roylance of Bountiful, UT; convicted pervert
176 ► Attorney Richard Ryan of Roseville; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee
177 ► Attorney Mohammad Saboorian of Newport Beach, CA; convicted pervert
178 ► Attorney Tony Sangiamo of York, PA; convicted Perv
179 ► Attorney Warren Sappington of Macon County, IL; pervert, sadist
180 ► Attorney Leonard J. Sawyer of Long Beach, CA; convicted pervert
181 ► Attorney Timothy Scannell of Grand Marais, MN; pervert
182 ► Attorney Martin Schulz of Ontario, CAN; convicted pervert
183 ► Attorney Dennis Schumacher of Mt. Morris, IL; pervert
184 ► Attorney James Shaw, Jr. of New York; pervert, misogynist
185 ► Attorney James M. Shull of Gate City, VA; pervert, moron, repeater
186 ► Attorney Howard Skolnick of Cleveland; potty mouth pervert
187 ► Attorney Gary Smith of San Bernardino; convicted serial pervert
188 ► Attorney John Sopher of Oklahoma City; pervert, loser
189 ► Attorney Steven Sowards of Battleground, WA; pervert
190 ► Attorney Oliver M. Spurlock of Chicago; pervert, ethical leper-con
191 ► Attorney Robert Standage of Mesa, AZ; perverted loser
192 ► Attorney Stanley Stallworth of Chicago; accused sexual predator
193 ► Attorney London Steverson of Haymarket, VA; pervert
194 ► Attorney Thomas Stewart of Stockbridge, GA; convicted pervert, repeater
195 ► Attorney Randolph Subryan of Passaic, NJ pervert
196 ► Attorney Dan Susi of Erie, PA; pervert, convict, loser
197 ► Attorney James F. Tenney of Marietta, GA; peeping Tom
198 ► Attorney Larry Tomlinson of Warren, MI; convicted pervert
199 ► Attorney Jack Tuckner of New York; pervert, moron, ethical gremlin
200 ► Attorney David Turlington III of Boone, NC; pervert, repeat offender
201 ► Attorney Richard Vesole of Bettendorf, IA; convicted flasher, pervert
202 ► Attorney Jamuar Vijaya of Toronto, CAN; pervert
203 ► Attorney Richard Visole of Bettendorf, IA; convicted pervert
204 ► Attorney Kenneth Warren of Dublin, OH; convicted pervert
205 ► Attorney H. Lee Watson of Los Angeles; disgusting pervert
206 ► Attorney Edward Weisbein of Huntingdon Valley, PA; convicted pervert
207 ► Attorney Kent Whittington of Idaho Falls; pervert
208 ► Attorney Steven Wiechman of Topeka; pervert, repeater
209 ► Attorney Harry Wiens of Manitoba, CAN; serial pervert
210 ► Attorney Kevin Wistrom of Muskegon, MI; convicted pervert
211 ► Attorney David J. Witherspoon of Newark, NJ; repeater, pervert
212 ► Attorney Robert Wolf of Portland, OR; pervert
213 ► Attorney William Wolfson of Flemington, NJ; convicted pervert
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