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Non-Religious folks are in need of Therapy


Bill Donohue is a well known and highly disrespected lunatic who laughingly claims to be a devout Catholic. After a short teaching career in New York and Pennsylvania, Billy took on the position of director of the Catholic League after Virgil Blum’s death in the early 1990s.


During a recent (12/05/14) appearance on the comedy blog Newsmax, Billy was interviewed by comedian Steve Malzberg. During the interview, Patty opined that he would be willing to pay for therapy for non-religious people because they were all insane. Billy went on to say in part:


  • “They believe that freedom is license to do whatever they want.”
  • “They don’t want to be told anything, which is why they die prematurely, they’re unhappy, that’s why we have a disproportionate number of agnostics and atheists in the asylum, all of this is true””

Loony Billy then said:


“Secularists” have an inferior “mental health, physical health and degree of happiness.”

“They got to work it out, fine, I’ll help pay for their therapy, just take your hands, your mitts off the Catholics during Happy Hour, I’m sorry I mean Christmas.”


Personally, I’d be happy to make a contribution to pay for a free colonoscopy to be performed on Billy so as to discover his actual I.Q.


And lastly, I attended all Catholic schools in Toledo, Ohio as did my three daughters. I also served as a choir and alter boy while attending Rosary Cathedral Grade School. During that time, I recall listening to many of the late Bishop George Rehring’s sermons and none of them engaged in the name calling and/or defamatory statements spewed forth on a daily basis by the Right Reverend Billy Donahue.


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