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Ken-Ya believe Obama was born in Kenya?


Ever since Obama was elected in 2008, there has been a group of sore losers, many of whom are die-in-the-wool bigots who have financially enriched themselves by claiming that he isn’t a real American citizen because he was born in Kenya. This group of opportunists and bigots are better known as “Birthers.”


Some of the better known fabricators of the Birther movement are:


  • Donald “The Comb” Trump
  • Attorney and Dentist Orly Taitz
  • Phoenix Sheriff Joey Arpaio
  • Twice disciplined attorney Larry Klayman
  • G. Gordon Liddy – convicted felon

There is also a group of Certified Morons that actually believe that Obama is disqualified from being President because even if he was born in Hawaii, Hawaii isn’t part of the United States. Of course this group is made up of an assortment of racists and bigots.


It is extremely distressing to know that the aforementioned opportunists have pocketed millions in spewing forth an assortment of lies and outright fabrications by playing to the fears of bigots and racists by falsely claiming that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. of A.


How will these opportunists go about earning a dishonest living after Obama leaves the Whitehouse in January 2016?


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