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Tony Perkins says: A courageous Congress must Impeach Obama 


Aspiring Standup Comedian Tony Perkins of the Anti-Family Research Counsel decided to spew forth more hate speech aimed at Obama in order to entice contributions from his low I.Q. listeners and/or followers.


Tony’s comments came about while he was discussing the opening hearing of the House Benghazi Special Comedy Committee chaired by Chief Comic Rep. Trye of South Carolina on Washington Watch. Tony’s comments are as follows:


  • “We are a society, a government that operates under the rule of law and when we have people who don’t want to play by the rules, it really doesn’t work.”
  • “And that’s why this president has messed thing up so much; he doesn’t want to play by the rules.”
  • “And Congress is too fearful, too politically-minded to impeach this president because they’re fearful. We need leaders who are not fearful.”

The only thing that upsets Tony the Comic about Obama is the fact that he’s a Black. Based on that fact and that fact along, Tony has been able to unjustly enrich himself over the past several years by playing to the low I.Q. folks that actually tune into listen to his crap.


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