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Gay marriage will lead to messing around by straight folks


Well known and universally disrespected homophobes, Mat Staver and Matt Barber recently (ca. September 2015) discussed the Family Research Council’s so-called “Ten Arguments from Social Science against Same-Sex Marriage” document on their daily comedy show “Faith and Freedom.


During the comedy show, Mat and Matty (M&M) discussed reason numbers six of the Ten Arguments by laughingly claiming that “same-sex marriage” would undermine the normal sexual fidelity (integrity) within marriage.


M&M went on to argue that gay couples are more likely to be promiscuous in their relationships, which the Twin Towers of Idiocy claim would erode the practice of monogamy within straight couples. Staver went on to say:


  • “You start doing that in a marriage relationship with a man and a woman, and the woman's just not going to do it.”

Barber the Homophobic Misogynist then said:


  • “We know that women serve to domesticate men.”
  • “That’s not an opinion, that's the social science that shows that women ultimately bring men into their role as father, as provider, and protector for the household and they domesticate men and that lends itself toward monogamy.”

Only a Certified Moron would suggest that gay marriage would lead to an increase in straight couples screwing around. We know that at least 50% of marriages end in divorce and we further know that well over 50% of straight couples are messing around. Of course this unfaithfulness among the straights has been taking place since the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.


The only reason for M&M to spew forth such garbage is for the sole purpose of financially enriching themselves at the expense of the low I.Q. folks that tune in to listen to their crap.

Anyone with an I.Q. in triple digits isn’t going to listen to anything the M&M boys have to say.


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