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Attorney Marshall Wisniewski of Toledo; thief, perjurer, ethical gnome

Attorney Marshall Wisniewski was employed by attorney David R. Pheils, Jr. of Toledo shortly after graduating with a law degree from the University of Toledo Law School and submitting an application to Pheils in 1981.
Upon receipt of attorney Marshall Wisniewski’s employment application, and after an in-person interview, attorney David R. Pheils, Jr. immediately recognized that Wisniewski was willing to dedicate his legal career to the “total avoidance of propriety.” Put simply, attorney David Pheils fully understood that attorney Marshall Wisniewski was more than willing to act as a complaint lackey, bootlicker, ass-kisser, serial perjurer, and overall thief in assisting Pheils in the pursuit of false and/or fabricated claims for attorney fees against ex-clients.
Over the years, attorney Marshall Wisniewski has proven to be a valuable ass-et to attorney Pheils by repeatedly giving perjured testimony on his behalf in the pursuit of fabricated claims for attorney fees.
In addition, attorney Marshall Wisniewski also volunteered to testify falsely in a criminal case on behalf of his benefactor attorney Pheils.
It is estimated that attorney Marshall Wisniewski perjured himself several hundred times while acting as a compliant lackey for attorney David R. Pheils, Jr.
Attorney Wisniewski learned well from attorney Pheils in fabricating false claims for attorney fees by claiming on one occasion that it took him 4.5 hours to author a 2-paragraph legal document.
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