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 Jihadist Obama intent on destroying America


In a recent (08/16/14) interview with comedian Walid Shoebat, “Trunews,” comic host Rick Wiles said that Obama is “waging jihad” on America through gay rights advocacy and the extremist group ISIS.


Ricky told the bigoted morons that tune in to listen to Shoebat:


  • “He is waging jihad from inside the White House, his foreign policy is 100 percent pro-Islam, he has waged jihad on this country, he has shredded the Constitution, he has defiled the U.S. military by forcing the military to accept homosexuality.”
  • “Obama is destroying Christian America, that’s his assignment as a jihadist, it is to destroy Christian America.”
  • “ISIS and the U.S. government are the same, you cannot separate the two. The U.S. government created ISIS just like it created Al Qaeda, but Al Qaeda wasn’t bloody enough for them so they had to create a worse monster to get the job done.”


In response, Loony Shoebat said:


  • “This is a demonic influence and the more America becomes liberal, the more that kind of influence prevails in America.”
  • Liberals will dispose of the First Amendment in order to ban criticism of Islam and “the homosexual agenda.”


Of course nobody with an I.Q. approaching triple figures would buy into the crap spewing forth from the foul mouths of Wiles and Shoebat.


It is indeed unfortunate that degenerate opportunists like Wiles and those of his ilk are able to financially enrich themselves by spewing forth bigoted falsehoods that are specifically aimed at a low I.Q. level audience.


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