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Is it time to bring Jesus back into our policial system?


One of America’s most disrespected and ethically deprived politicians of our time, former Rep. Tom Delay (R-TX), recently (August 2014) proclaimed that it was time to “Bring Jesus Christ Back Into Our Political System.”


While appearing at a so-called Give Me Liberty Comedy Tour held at the CountrysideBaptistChurch in Gainesville, Florida, Tommy spewed forth the following crap:

  • Urged those assembled to “go on the offensive” against the Marxist President Obama by imposing a “revolution for the Constitution.
  • “We’ve got to rewrite the federal government.”
  • “Let’s bring Jesus Christ back into our political system and stand for him unashamedly because none of this is going to happen without God ... And secondly, demand a revolution for the Constitution ... let's impose that on our political system, let's bring it back, the way God intended it and the way God wrote it.”

So we now have Tommy the Loon actually claiming that Jesus Christ had something to do with writing the U.S. Constitution.


Apparently, when Tommy attended CalallenHigh School in Corpus Christi, he didn’t learn that the folks that landed on Plymouth Rock were escaping the religious zealots in England who basically controlled the government.


Of course an ethical cripple like Tommy isn’t concerned about speaking the truth, his only concern is to toss a little red meat to the low I.Q. folks who show up to listen to the garbage coming out of his foul mouth.


Even though Tommy lives in Texas, it ain’t likely that Jesus Christ will take over the government in Austin anytime soon.


However, Tommy may well live long enough to see Jesus Martinez take over the state government. When that happens, I hope and pray that Jesus Martinez and his supporters treat Tommy the way his forefathers treated Martinez’s forefathers.


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