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Fox News’ Todd Starnes: Today’s Moron Award Winner


Congratulations to….


Fox News’ Todd Starnes

Today’s Moron Award Winner


 In a recent (07/22/14) rant on the Fox News Comedy Network, Todd attempted to appease the assorted racists and bigots that tune in to listen to the crap he and his fellow idiots spew on a daily basis by making false accusations about the University of Wisconsin at Madison.


Todd then falsely stated that the University was in the process of taking into consideration a student’s race in its grading system. The Lying Buffoon (my apologies to Buffoons) then said:

  • “At face value, the University of Wisconsin seems to be sacrificing academic education on the altar of academic diversity.”
  • “Whatever happened to giving kids the grades they deserved?”

Todd knowingly and intentionally lied and/or implied that the university was requiring that professors beging to “adjust the grades” of students based on their race, when in fact the school saw higher grades “as an outcome” of fostering diversity in academics, meaning it had nothing to do with Todd’s false claim of a mandated result for minorities.


Fox News has never actually reported the news as is the case with the major networks starting with Walter Cronkite. However, in furtherance of its comedic agenda, Fox’s slogan should be “Unfair News, reported by Unbalanced reporters,”


Congrats Todd; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Accomplished “Morons”; you are far too humble.


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