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Judge Nodine Miller of Columbus, Ohio; ethical jurist


From 1995 to 2005, Judge Nodine Miller sat on the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas in Columbus, Ohio. Prior to that, she sat on the Municipal Court in Columbus from 1992-1994.


In 2001, Judge Nodine Miller was assigned a case wherein Larry Brown, acting pro se (as his own lawyer) sued ex-Ohio Supreme Court Justice J. Craig Wright for legal malpractice.
J. Craig Wright clearly was of the mind that Judge Nodine Miller would give him preferential treatment due to his status as an ex-Ohio Supreme Court Justice by dismissing Mr. Brown’s complaint.
Based on this assumption, J. Craig Wright filed a motion to dismiss Mr. Brown’s complaint, which included a paten tly false affidavit. Further facts regarding this matter can be found at the URL below.
Rather than succumb to J. Craig Wright’s obvious demands that Judge Nodine Miller ignore well-settled Ohio law, she exhibited courage and fortitude in refusing his demands and granted a ruling in favor of Mr. Brown that ultim ately led to J. Craig Wright agreeing to pay him over $100,000 to settle his legal malpractice claim.
Kudos to Judge Nodine Miller for acting in accordance with the high standards we all expect of the judiciary.
There may be some in the Columbus, Ohio that disagree with me; however, based on my personal experience with Judge Nodine Miller I believe she is an ethical stalwart.












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