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Dinesh D’Souza: Today’s “Lunatic” Award Winner


Congratulations to….


Dinesh D’Souza

Today’s “Lunatic” Award Winner



Dinesh is another loser that decided he could make a dishonest living by spewing forth half-truths and/or outright lies about Obama and/or anyone associated with him.


During his appearance before the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Dinesh decided to do a little pimping for his latest so-called book entitled “America.”


During a speech before the losers at the CPAC conference, the Loon said that Obama believes “the free market system is based on theft.” He then went on to say:

  • “Think about this, it’s almost like here you are at home, you’re watching TV, and a bunch of government guys show up at your door and they start taking your furniture and taking your car and you’re like, ‘What are you doing?’ They’re like, ‘You know your paycheck that you got last month? You didn’t earn that, you stole it, it doesn’t really belong to you.’”
  • “That is what, in a sense we are up against.”

It should be noted that at one time, Dinesh dated fellow Loon, Ann “The Man” Coulter. That fact in and of itself is evidence that Dinesh ain’t to bright.


Congrats Dinesh; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Lunatics”; you are far too humble.


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