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Atorney Marshall D. Wisniewski of Toledo, moron; deadbeat, abusive litigator, dumb crook


Unfortunately, attorney Marshall Wisniewski was gifted with a law license from the Ohio Supreme Court on May 11, 1981.
In addition to being a certified moron, deadbeat and abusive litigator, attorney Marshall D. Wisniewski is also a “stupid crook” in that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove his serial thefts.
Shortly thereafter, Marshall Wisniewski partnered up with Ohio’s most corrupt attorney, David R. Pheils, Jr. In hiring Marshall Wisniewski, David R. Pheils, Jr. immediately recognized that he was willing to engage in any felonious conduct in order to enrich himself.
It should be noted that no self-respecting law firm in the greater Toledo, Ohio was about to offer a job to someone of Marshall D. Wisniewski’s ilk (FYI: Marshall, Ilk is not a male Elk!).
Immediately upon partnering up with David R. Pheils, Jr., Marshall D. Wisniewski did not disappoint his crooked mentor. In fact, public records throughout Ohio clearly demonstrate that Wisniewski acted as a compliant lackey, bootlicker and apple-polisher by over-billing client for fees and via the submission of false testimony to support fabricated claims against ex-clients.
In 2008, Ms. Jennifer Beckett, dba legal Nurse Strategies was employed by Marshall Wisniewski to perform work for a pending lawsuit. Subsequently, Ms. Becket billed Wisniewski $950 for the services she provided to him.
In keeping with his past record of bilking his clients, Marshall Wisniewski never paid Ms. Becket for the services she provided. This led to Ms. Becket suing Wisniewski in the Small Claims Court in Findlay, Ohio.
In an effort to force Ms. Becket to drop her lawsuit, Wisniewski demanded that her small claims case be removed to a higher court. Subsequently, the court denied his request and entered a judgment against him for $950 plus statutory interest.
To make sure that the costs to recover the $950 would be prohibitive, Marshall Wisniewski then filed several post-judgment motions and then filed an appeal. Of course this punitive exercise in unwarranted litigation was quite costly to Ms. Becket, a result that Wisniewski was aiming for.
On November 23, 2009, the 3rd District Court of Appeals in Findlay, Ohio told Marshall Wisniewski (The Moron) to take a hike when it unanimously ruled against him.
A cursory review of the Court of Appeals decision clearly demonstrates that Marshall D. Wisniewski is a certified moron and more importantly an ethical leper-con.
Here we have a celebrated dishonest attorney spending around 80 hours engaged in purely punitive and vindictive actions against Ms. Beckett rather than pay her the $950 he owed. This clown (my apologies to clowns) could have earned at least $16,000 in attorney fees at $200 an hour; however, as is his wont and that of his mentor David R. Pheils, Jr. he chose to try and teach Ms. Becket a lesson by forcing her to spend untold hours and expenses defending his frivolous and laughable appeal. What a loser!
If you live anywhere in the greater Toledo, Ohio area I would advise you to steer clear of Marshall D. Wisniewski and his crooked mentor David R. Pheils, Jr.
And lastly, I only wish I had known that Ms. Becket was about to offer her services to Marshall Wisniewski, because if had I can assure you that she would not have become yet another of the hundreds of victims of Wisniewski and his twin David R. Pheils, Jr.


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