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Judge Richard Perkins of Chaska, MN; moronic misogynist

The state of Minnesota presented Richard Perkins with a law license in 1978 after he graduated from William Mitchell Law School which is located in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Former Gov. Arne Carlson was duped into appointing Richard as a Carver County Judge in 1994. Richard didn’t receive the appointment because he was the most qualified attorney in the greater Minneapolis area. He received it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks. 
In one matter, Judge Perkins presided over a criminal case of Caroline Marie Rice that relating to a long, drawn-out child custody battle. A jury verdict regarding the case was reversed and sent back to Judge Perkins by the Court of Appeals due to Perkins’ conduct.
At the trial, Ms. Rice represented herself against three charges of depriving another of parental rights. Perkins sentenced her to four years of probation (12 years in total) for each offense. At the trial, Ms. Rice acted as her own attorney.
When the prosecutor complained to Judge Perkins that it was at a “disadvantage” because it appeared to the jury that they were “beating up on Ms. Rice” by repeatedly objecting to her questions, Perkins agreed and told Ms. Rice:
  • “I will be proactive in stepping and stopping her on her lines of questioning.”
  • “If anybody is going to be looking like a bully in this proceeding, if you will, in the eyes of the jury, it’s going to be me.”
As expected, Perkins made good on his statement. During one question by Ms. Rice of a witness, Perkins interrupted more than 90 times. When another witness took the stand, he interrupted 45 times.
As a consequence of Judge Perkins’ outrageous interruptions, the Court of Appeals ruled that Judge Perkins seemed to advocate for the prosecution, “threatening the perception of its impartiality.”
The Court of Appeals went on to rule:
  • More problematic was Perkins’ decision to exclude “medical evidence documenting possible abuse” simply because a police officer did not believe the children’s claims.
  • “While the police may not have believed (the children), the jury may have.”
And lastly, the Court rebuked Judge Perkins for a jury instruction he gave that did not clearly state that the prosecution was required to disprove the defendant’s affirmative defense beyond a reasonable doubt.
As we speak (ca. January 2014), Judge Perkins continues to sit as a Carver County Judge in Chaska, Minnesota, which is a suburb of Minneapolis.
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