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Attorney Dianna Anelli of Cleveland; scofflaw, ethically insolvent


Unbelievably, attorney Dianna Anelli previously was employed as an associate with Ohio’s Disciplinary Counsel that was responsible for disciplining attorney misfits.
Attorney Dianna Anelli was chosen for her position as an associate of the Ohio Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Counsel by Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.
A review of attorney Dianna Annelli’s travel records provided to this ol’ Dawg by the Ohio Supreme Court prove that she unlawfully billed the State of Ohio for the following travel expenses:
  • $2.25 for a bottle of Kllian Beer in Hollywood, Florida on 02/26/99
  • $10.00 to tip a maid on 3-8-99 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • $3.50 for a bottle of Corona beer on 03/17/00 in Lakewood, Ohio
  • $3.29 for a bottle of Corona beer on 08/09/00 in Cleveland, Ohio
  • $2.86 for a pack of Marlboro Lights on 08/09/00 in Hollywood, Florida
  • $3.25 for a bottle of Corona beer on 05/03/00 – undisclosed location
  • $3.25 for a bottle of Corona beer on 05/05/00 – undisclosed location
Of course it goes without saying that it is illegal in Ohio for any public official to bill the State for booze and/or cigarettes. Despite this prohibition, attorney Dianna Anelli determined that she wasn't required to comply with Ohio law. Isn't that special?
This is the same Dianna Anelli that unsuccessfully prosecuted the Dawg for the unauthorized practice of law in 2001. The result of this sham and incompetent prosecution resulted in the dismissal of said charges by a seven (7) member panel of Ohio judges and attorneys. Put simply, said dismissal conclusively proved that attorney Dianna Annelli’s I.Q. was equal to and/or lower than the posted speed limit in a school zone at the Olentangy High School in Powell, Ohio (suburb of Columbus).
Upon filing a complaint of attorney misconduct that was allegedly investigated by attorney Dianna Anelli, given the facts set forth above, what do you believe the result would be? To ask the question is to answer it!
As we speak (ca. Dec. 2009), attorney Dianna Anelli practices law at 1650 Lake Shore Drive in Columbus, Ohio.
I would suggest that if you’re seeking to employ an intellectual and ethical attorney in the Columbus, Ohio area that you might want to avoid any dealings with attorney Dianna Annelli.



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