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Attorney George Colby of Yakima; wino, moron, Il Duce Wannabee In his earlier life, attorney George Colby was a sitting judge in the Yakima County District Court.

In 1999, the Washington Judicial Commission charged Judge George Colby of engaging in a myriad of egregious misconduct.
George the Wino
Judge George Colby repeatedly drank champagne in the courthouse and smelled of alcohol on numerous occasions even though he often presided over drunk-driving cases.   How sweet is that?
Luckily, an unreliable source provided me with a photo of Judge George Colby hanging around in the robbing room of the courthouse in Yakima when he was supposed to be on the bench.  
On one occasion Judge George Colby ordered two witnesses to abstain from drinking (apparently he was afraid they’d eliminate the available inventory in Yakima) when they left the court, and when they violated his illegal order, he had them hauled into his court and then denied them their right to counsel and had them tossed into jail for two days. Cool!!
Judge George Colby repeatedly disregarded state sentencing standards for drunk drivers and sent some defendants to jail without finding them guilty. Big deal says Georgie Baby!
George was also found guilty of entering unintelligible or improper orders (is there another kind?); and the abuse of his contempt power; engaging in ex parte contacts, and intemperate behavior from the bench.
Illegal Assistance Intervention for Brother-in-Law
In 1998, defendant John Stark Adams (George’s brother-in-law) had ex parte communications with George and asked him to handle his case in Toppenish Court instead of Yakima where it had been set.
At Adam’s request, Judge George Colby had his case transferred to his court and voided an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Despite the egregious nature of George’s conflict of interest, he remained on Adam’s case though dismissal on Oct. 26, 1990.  
Miscellaneous Misconduct
  • Ordered a man convicted of fourth-degree assault to attend church with his wife and bring back church bulletins as proof of his attendance.
  • Held hearings off the record and/or falsely approved documents claiming hearings were held.
  • Wrote a letter to a traffic offender he knew — whom George thought knew of the theft of some of his property — stating, “Langan, if you know where my stuff is, I well let you out and dismiss your case.”
  • Used court facilities to campaign for an appointment to the US Court of International Trade.
George’s Asinine Immunity Defense
George claimed that all charges that he failed to follow the law; imposed unlawful conditions and penalties or failed to impose mandatory sentences and conditions are subject to a qualified good faith privilege constituting immunity and is an absolute defense to all charges lodged against him.
So, what Georgie Boy is telling us is that as long as he claims that he was acting in “good faith” in repeatedly violating a defendant’s constitutional “due process” rights that, he cannot be charged with misconduct.
Well Georgie Baby, let me take a moment and enlighten your dumbass. You took an oath as a judge to uphold the Washington and U.S. Constitutions. That oath did not contain a qualifier wherein you were allowed to pick and choose which amendments you would or would not comply with.  
There is no such thing as acting in “good faith” when one knowingly and intentionally violates his oath of office. That’s the bottom line you ignorant jerk. (My sincerest apologies to ignorant jerks!)
Judge George Colby also denied that he did anything improper or that he violated the Code of Judicial Conduct. In addition to being totally incompetent, George is also a pathological liar. 
George’s claim he was “being helpful”
In accepting a complimentary public censure, George had the gonads to say that, he was merely attempting to be helpful when he committed the acts he admitted he was guilty of.
Now I get it! George was merely being helpful in expediting the court process by avoiding the inane and cumbersome procedure of affording a defendant his or her constitutional due process rights.
Maybe George was rightfully entitled to be given credit for taking affirmative steps to assure that a defendant did not have to undergo the indignity of remaining in his presence any longer than necessary.
I think something can be said for this kind of magnanimous gesture, don’t you? Let’s give George a standing ovation. He deserves it, don’t you think?
Dawg’s Commentary
To think that the Washington Supreme Court allowed this ethical leper-con to continue practicing law is an unmitigated abomination.
After spending twelve (12) years violating the oath he took as a judge and lawyer, the louses on the Supreme Court were under a duty to protect the citizens of Washington by not foisting this clown upon them.
I can assure you that George does not have a placard on his office that advises potential clients (aka, victims) that he is a certified loser, congenital liar and scofflaw.
As we speak (ca. Nov. 2009), George Colby practices law in Toppenish, Washington.
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