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Attorney John Sloop of Seminole County; Il Duce Wannabee, certified

Previously, attorney John Sloop was a Seminole County Judge for nearly twenty years.


During his time on the bench, Judge John Sloop was disciplined twice by the Florida Supreme Court for engaging in a variety of egregious misconduct.
In his first bite at the judicial Misfit Tree, Judge John Sloop was judged guilty for waiving a pistol in his courtroom, verbally abusing defendants, and charging defendants $50 for each night spent in the local hoosegow. For this misconduct, the enablers and apologists at the Florida Judicial Commission and Florida Supreme Court presented Judge John Sloop with a complimentary public rebuke.
In 2002, Judge John Sloop promised the Judicial Commission that he would not cause any more problems. This is analogous to Rush Limbaugh and/or Sean Hannity promising to never tell a lie again.
As could be expected, Judge John Sloop cemented his status as a congenital liar on Dec. 3, 2004 when he ordered the arrest of 11 defendants, all of whom were facing minor traffic charges, and who had allegedly missed their court dates. 
Despite being told by deputies and two other judges that the 11 defendants had been sent to the wrong courtroom that morning, Judge John Sloop signed the arrest warrants anyway.
All 11 of the Sloopy’s victims were shackled, strip-searched and spent 8 hours in jail. 
In 2006, the Florida Supreme Court finally tossed Judge John Sloop off the bench for his continuing misconduct.
Wouldn’t you love to see how Sloopy would react while being strip-searched by an amateur proctologist? Not to worry Sloopy Baby, I’ll get it right next time; the amateur proctologist was heard to say.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Defense
Judge John Sloop’s novel excuse to the Judicial Panel investigating him was that “I was struggling with an undiagnosed disorder.”   
How in the hell does one go about “struggling” with an “undiagnosed disorder?” If you don’t know what in the hell it is, then how can you possibly put it forth as a defense for engaging in despotic behavior? 
This assertion is like Bob Dole claiming he didn’t know he was suffering from erectile dysfunction syndrome but decided to order a gross of Viagra pills just in case Elizabeth asked that he dole out a little (sorry Bob) favor for her.  
John Sloop the Attorney
John Sloop now practices law in Geneva, Florida. I would advise anyone living in the Seminole County area to avoid employing this certified ethical leper-con.
Deceivers at the Florida State Bar Association
On its web site at http://tinyurl.com/ycdhwqf, under the heading “10-year Discipline History,” the Florida State Bar falsely states “None.”
Of course they know this to be untrue since attorney John Sloop was previously disciplined twice. Don’t ya think the good citizens of Seminole County have a right to know this highly relevant information?
Apparently, the Florida State Bar is more interested in assuring that attorney John Sloop and those of his ilk are not deprived of an opportunity to earn a dishonest living as an attorney.
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