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Attorney Frederick Busconi of Framingham, MA; serial offender

The state of Massachusetts provided Frederick A Busconi with a law license in 1964
The Board of Bar Overseers found Frederick guilty of the following misconduct.
  • Neglected a legal matter entrusted to him
  • Failed to timely response to Bar Counsel requests for information (Up Yours, said Freddy!)
  • Failed to promptly deliver client funds to client
  • Failed to respond to repeated requests from client
  • Knowingly misrepresented the truth (lied) to client
  • Failed to deposit client funds in interest bearing account as required
  • Engaged in conduct involving fraud, deceit, dishonesty or misrepresentation
In one matter, Fred held funds from a client’s personal injury settlement in escrow to satisfy a medical provider’s lien. Freddy held the funds for almost nine (9) years in a non-interest bearing account before delivering them to the client after repeated requests by the client and Bar Counsel.
Even after the statute of limitations as to the medical provider’s claim expired, when the client requested delivery of the escrowed funds, Freddy told client that he was negotiating a compromise with the medical insurer when in fact he had never taken any action to negotiate the lien.
As one would suspect, this wasn’t Freddy’s 1st bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree as shown below.
  1. Complimentary private reprimand for telling lies, neglect of legal matter and delay in return client file
  2. Complimentary private reprimand for neglecting a legal matter, telling lies, failure to turn over files to client, and failing to cooperate with ethics investigators
  3. Complimentary admonition for refusing to cooperate with ethics investigators
As a consequence of his misconduct, the apologists for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Board of Overseers punished Frederick by gifting him with a complimentary 180-day suspension of his law license.
As we speak (ca. July 2013), Frederick practices at 392 Union Avenue in Framingham, Massachusetts.
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