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Attorney Philip Dahlberg IV of Jackson, WI; repeat offender

The state of Wisconsin presented Philip H. Dahlberg IV with a law license in 2000 after he graduated from Marquette University Law School.
The Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) found Manuel guilty of the following misconduct
  1. Failed to provide competent representation (Dufus)
  2. Failed to act with due diligence (slacker)
  3. Failed to communicate with clients
  4. Failed to consult with clients regarding settlement of liens against them
  5. Failed to obtain informed consent from clients regarding settling claims
  6. Failed to respond to clients’ repeated requests for information
  7. Failed to provide written statement or accounting re: client settlement proceeds
  8. Failed to promptly deliver settlement funds to client that she was entitled too
In one matter, Philip was hired to represent a man and woman who were involved in an auto accident. Philip filed a lawsuit against the other driver and other parties.
Philip then prepared the case for trial; however, he learned that neither of the physician experts he planned to call to testify would be available for trial. Unable to present medical testimony to support his clients’ damages, Philip settled each claim for $2,500. The clients then signed releases and Philip deposited the $5,000 into his trust account.
Philip then discussed settling liens with a health-care provider and the department of child support enforcement. However, Philip failed to take any real action on the matters, thereby leaving his clients holding the bag.
As one would suspect, this wasn’t Philips’s 1st bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree. Philip previously received two (2) complimentary reprimands from the comedians sitting on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the enablers for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Wisconsin Supreme Courts punished Manuel by gifting him with his third (3rd) complimentary reprimand.
As we speak (ca. June 2013), Philip practices with Dahlberg Przybyla Law LLC at16775 Eagle Drive in Jackson, Wisconsin
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