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County Commissioner Jim Gile (R-KS): Today’s “Racist” Award Winner


Congratulations to….
County Commissioner Jim Gile (R-NC)
Today’s RacistAward Winner
Jimmy succeded in duping the voters in Salina, Kansas area into electing him as a Salina County Commissioner.
At a recent Commission meeting, Jimmy decided to forever cement his status as one of America’s Premier Racists during a discussion about the county hiring an architect to work on a county building.
During the meeting, Jimmy the Racist said the country need to hire an architect to design improvements rather than “nigger-rigging it.” Jimmy’s comments engendered laughter from his fellow bigots who were present at the meeting. Ray Hruska, who was present at the meeting, asked Jimmy what he said, and Jimmy replied “Afro-Americanized.”
As is the case with most die-in-the-wool bigots when caught mouthing racist remarks, Jimmy
When Jimmy was interviewed by a reporter for The Salina Journal about his racist comments, Jimmy laughingly denied that he was a racist, noting that a friend he considers a sista (I’m sorry, sister) is black.”
Doesn’t that just make your heart tingle? This hyperbolic (BS) comment is a familiar tune coming from racists. Don’t’ you just love it when a racist defends his use of the “N” word by saying, “Hey Bro, I ain’t’ no racist, I have a friend (singular) whose a Nigra (I mean Negro).”
When I was in the Army, I was stationed at Fort Riley in Junction City, Kansas, which is about 48 miles west of Salina. Since there wasn’t much of anything to do in Junction City, my fellow soldiers and I would travel to Salina or Wichita for a little fun and games. I cannot recall running into any racists like Jimmy Gile during the 14 months I resided in Kansas.

Congrats Jimmy; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of America’s Most Disrespected “Racists”; you are far too humble.

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