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Attorney Joanne Dennison of Chicago; lying Dufus

The state of Illinois provided Joanne Marie Dennison with a law license in 2008.
The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission charged Joanne with the following misconduct:
  1. Making statements she knew to be false or with reckless disregard as to the truth or falsity
  2. Engaged in conduct involving fraud, deceit, dishonesty or misrepresentation
  3. Engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice
  4. Threatened to present criminal charges to obtain an advantage in a civil case
  5. Engaged in conduct tending to defeat the administration of justice
Carolyn Toerpre filed a petition in the Circuit Court of Cook County to have her mother, Mary Sykes, adjudicated a disabled person due to concerns that Sykes suffered from dementia.  Toerpe's petition also sought Toerpe's appointment as the guardian of Sykes' estate and person.  
Subsequently, the court appointed Cynthia Farenga as Skykes’ guardian ad litem. When Farenga was unable to attend a court hearing, the judge appointed Adman Stern as special guardian ad litem.
Several months later, Sykes’ other daughter Gloria Sykes, filed a cross petition, nominating the Cook County Public Guardian to serve as Sykes’ guardian. Shortly thereafter, Gloria orally sought to be appointed the guardian of Sykes’ estate and person without amending her written cross-petition.
Joanne then filed an appearance on behalf of Gloria; however, she was disqualified by the court due to the fact that she had notarized the signatures of Mary and Gloria on a document that gave Gloria Mary’s entire interest in a lawsuit at a time when Mary may have been suffering from dementia. At a later hearing, the judge appointed Carolyn Toerpre as plenary guardian of Sykes’ estate and person.
Beginning in November 2011, Joanne began writing and publishing two Internet web blogs devoted to discussing matters related to Mary Sykes’ probate case. The two blogs were entitled, "marygsykes - An attorney blog concerning corruption and greed in the Probate Court of Cook County," and "marygsykes," respectively. Joanne posted her own writings claiming there was corruption in the Cook County Probate Court, particularly in regards to Sykes’ case, and that Sykes was the victim of elder abuse, and that the Guardian Ad Litem and the court had violated the law, and that they had physically or mentally harmed Sykes.
The Illinois Supreme Court has not yet rendered a decision as to what, if any punishment will be meted out to Joanne.
As we speak (ca. March 2013) Joanne continues to practice in the Chicago, Illinois area.
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