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Attorney Dewey Varner, Jr. of Lake Worth, FL; perjurer, ethical gremlin

The state of Florida provided Dewey Horner Varner, Jr. with a law license in 1974 after he graduated from Samford University Law School. 
The Florida State Bar found Dewey guilty of the following misconduct.
  1. Failed to communicate with client
  2. Engaged in conduct involving fraud, deceit, dishonesty or misrepresentation
  3. Failed to provide competent representation (moron)
  4. Knowingly lied under oath during disciplinary hearing
  5. Engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice
  6. Failed to abide by client’s decision concerning representation
  7. Failed to take steps to expedite client’s litigation
  8. Failed to take reasonable steps to protect client’s interest after being discharged
  9. Failed to return client file to client after being discharged
  10. Engaged in a pattern of misconduct
  11. Misconduct motivated by dishonest or selfish interest
  12. Conduct involved deceiving a trial court
  13. Misconduct caused actual injury to client
In one matter, Dewey represented Jerry Lee Lindale to handle two workers’ compensation accidents. Initially, Patricia Thorne of Dewey’s firm handled the Lindale matters but she transferred the cases to Dewey due to medical issues.
Dewey never informed Lindale that his cases were not longer being handled by Ms. Thorne. Ten days prior to a scheduled trial and only a few day’s prior to scheduled mediation, opposing counsel had scheduled and noticed a physician’s deposition in one the cases. Upon receipt of the deposition notice, Dewey called opposing counsel and asked that the deposition be cancelled.
Opposing counsel agreed to cancel the deposition if Dewey agreed to voluntarily dismiss the case. Dewey then supervised the preparation, signed, and filed a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of Lindale’s case. The dismissal notice expressly stated that Lindale, through Dewey, sought the voluntary dismissal of all pending claims in his workers’ compensation case. By filing the notice, Dewey intended to communicate to the court that Lindale was aware of and consented to the dismissal of his case.
At the time that respondent supervised the drafting of the notice of voluntary dismissal, and filed it, Dewey knew that Lindale did not know of it and had not authorized it. Despite this knowledge, Dewey falsely testified under oath (perjury) that Ms. Thorne, expressly communicated Lindale’s authorization to file the notice of voluntary dismissal. Ms. Thorne did not know of the dismissal until she received a letter so advising her from Lindale nearly a year later.
Subsequently, the trial court granted the motion to dismiss. Dewey never told Lindale that he had filed the dismissal motion and never told Ms. Thorne that the motion had been filed.
Because Attorney Misfits in Florida are held to a much lower standard of conduct then everyone else, Dewey was never criminally charged with perjury.
As one would suspect, this wasn’t Dewey’s 1st bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree. He previously received a complimentary reprimand for engaging in a variety of misconduct.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the Patron Saints for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Florida Supreme Court punished Dewey by gifting him with a complimentary 1-year suspension of his law license.
As we speak (ca. January 2013) Dewey practices at 9320 Dundee Drive in Lake Worth, Florida.
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