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Attorney Dean Humphrey of Wilmington, NC; lying forger

The state of North Carolina presented Louie Wilson III with a law license in 1998.
The Grievance Committee of the North Carolina State Bar charged Louie with the following misconduct.
In one matter, Dean represented Sherman Curry and Geraldine Moore who were involved in a traffic accident with another vehicle. Moore was a passenger in Curry’s car at the time of the accident.
Within two weeks, Dean entered into settlement talks with Integon Nat’l Ins. Co. on behalf of Curry and Moore. Integon insured the other vehicle involved in the accident. Within 90 days, Dean and Integon reached an agreement to settle Curry and Moore’s claims. Dean settled for $8,750 on Moore’s behalf and $8,000 for Curry.
At the time Dean settled Curry and Moore’s claims he did not have their authorization to so act. The day after Dean settled Curry’s claim, he wrote to him and falsely represented that Integon’s initial settlement offer was only $4,000, when in fact it was $6,135. In his letter to Curry, Dean failed to tell him that he had already settled his claim with Integon.
On the same date, Dean wrote to Moore and falsely told her that Integon’s initial offer was only $4,550 when in fact it was $7,000. When he wrote the letter, Dean had already settled Moore’s claim with Integon.
Subsequently, Dean received settlement checks for Curry and Moore for $8,000 and $8,750 respectively. Upon receipt of the checks, Dean forged the signatures of Curry and Moore to the checks and deposited them into his account.
Moore filed a grievance against Dean for his conduct in settling her case w/o her permission and for forging her name to the insurance check. Dean’s written response to the State Bar investigators contained false and misleading representations.
In a follow-up letter to Dean, the Bar specifically asked Dean if he signed Curry’s name to a $8,000 settlement check from Integon. In his follow-up response, Dean falsely represented that he had no recollection of endorsing Curry’s name. The evidence proved that Dean did in fact forge Curry’s name to the settlement check.
As a consequence of his misconduct the cheerleaders for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Grievance Committee of the North Carolina State Bar punished Louie by gifting him with a complimentary 180-day suspension of his law license.
Because Attorney Misfits in North Carolina are held to a much lower standard of conduct then everyone else, Dean was never criminally charged with forgery.
As we speak (ca. January 2013) Louie practices at 4900 Brownlow Circle in Wilmington, North Carolina.
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