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Attorney Brian Grady of Philadelphia; pugilistic bully

The state of Pennsylvania presented Brian J. Grady with a law license in 1994. 
The Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) found Robert guilty of the following misconduct.
At the time of his misconduct, Brian worked for the Court of Common Pleas and was prosecuting a simple assault case. During the trial opposing counsel requested permission to approach the bench, which led the judge to recess the trial.
During the recess, Brian, opposing counsel, the judge’s law clerk, and the court reporter entered the judge’s robing room, which was quite small. Opposing counsel requested that a photograph of the victim’s neck be precluded from evidence because it had not been provided in discovery and had not been introduced into evidence at the defendant’s previous trial in Municipal Court.
Brian argued against the motion, which was granted by the court. Brian then requested permission to take an appeal on the judge’s ruling, which the Court denied. In response to the denial, Brian’s demeanor changed and he became outraged. Brian began yelling and accused the judge of committing judicial misconduct. The judge told Brian he was being disrespectful to the court and that he might wind up in jail.
Brian continued screaming at the judge that he was being substantially prejudiced by the court’s ruling to exclude the photograph as evidence. The judge then stood up, pointed his finger at Brian and instructed him to keep quiet because Brian “was yelling, screaming, shouting and not really acting as a lawyer.” At the time, the judge was approximately three feet from Brain
Brian then stood up and came over to the judge and told him that he should not put his finger in his face. The judge said Brain was within inches of his face. Paul is 6’4” tall and weighed about 225 pounds. The judge was much smaller in stature.
Opposing counsel then stood up and walked toward Brian with his hands up and open. As he walked toward Brian, he said “yo, yo,” in the hope that Brian would stop. The attorney testified that that he intervened at this point because he was concerned for the judge’s safety.
The attorney then came between the judge and Brian and put his hands on Brian’s chest. Brian told him to never put his hands on him again, and a struggle broke out between the attorneys. Brian punched the attorney with a closed fist in the face. The attorney punched back and their respective suit jackets were ripped during the struggle. Brian then put the attorney in a headlock and punched him at least three more times.
The attorney was 5’10” tall and weighted 160 pounds. The judge tried to pull Brian off the attorney but was unable to do so. While Brian had the attorney in a headlock, he repeatedly banged his head into a wall.
After the altercation ended, Brian left the robing room. While he was in the hallway, the Judge announced that he was fining him $2,500. Upon hearing the amount of the fine, Brian appeared irritated and went back into the courtroom.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the cheerleaders for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court punished Robert by gifting him with a complimentary censure.
As we speak (ca. November 2012) Brian practices with Kelley Partners at 16258 Pine Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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