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Attorney Mark Aquino of Lancaster, NY; ethical dwarf

The state of New York provided Mark Steven Aquino with a law license in 1992 after he graduated from State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo.
The Grievance Committee of the 7th Judicial District found Mark guilty of the following misconduct
  1. Engaged in conduct adversely reflecting on fitness to practice law
  2. Misappropriated (stole) funds belonging to another person
  3. Commingled client funds with personal funds
  4. Failed to maintain separate account for funds belonging to third parties
  5. Failed to promptly pay funds belonging to third party
  6. Engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice
In one mater, opposing counsel in a debt collection matter sent Mark $2,500 to satisfy an alleged debt, however, he explicitly stated that Mark was to hold the funds in escrow until Mark provided to him documentation proving liability for the alleged debt.
Mark deposited the $2500 into his law firm operating account. Subsequently, Mark lied to opposing counsel by telling him that the $2500 was being held in his trust account. Five months later, opposing counsel asked Mark to return the $2500 because he failed to produce the documents he previously requested proving it was a legitimate debt. Mark refused, stating the $2500 was being held in escrow and that the requested documentation would be forthcoming.
Over a year later, opposing counsel filed a lawsuit against Mark for return of the funds, which resulted in a judgment being entered against Mark for $3,486. Mark refused to pay the judgment until after opposing counsel filed an ethics complaint against him.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the Patron Saints for Attorney Misfits Grievance Committee of the 7th Judicial District punished Mark by gifting him with a complimentary censure.
As we speak (ca. November 2012) Mark practices at 32 Central Avenue in Lancaster, New York.
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