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Attorney Alan Goodman of Springfield, MA; serial liar

The state of Massachusetts presented Alan R. Goodman with a law license in 1977.
The Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers found Alan guilty of the following misconduct.
  1. Provided false information to insurance companies in three matters
  2. Engaged in conduct involving fraud, deceit, dishonesty or misrepresentation
  3. Directed his staff to withhold material information from insurance companies
  4. Altered a doctor’s report to conceal the death of his client from insurance company
  5. Engaged in conduct adversely reflecting on his fitness to practice law
  6. Engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice
In one matter, Alan represented Carlos Palacio for damages he incurred as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Palacio claimed the accident exacerbated a preexisting shoulder injury, which was supported by four reports from his doctor. The first report did not relate to the injury involving the auto accident. The second report stated that accident was the source of some exacerbation, but that there was no evidence the accident produced any additional pathology. Palacio was advised that without a report that the accident caused his injuries his claim would fail. Palacio then spoke to his doctor and obtained a third report stating the accident had “clearly caused the should symptoms to re-emerge. The fourth report was even more supportive of the connection between the accident and Palacio’s injuries. Alan sent only the third and fourth reports to the insurer in the course of settlement negotiations.
In the meantime, Palacio’s health insurer sent Alan a notice of lien against the proceeds of any recovery from the insurance company. Alan demanded the release of the lien on the basis that Palacio’s doctor had been unable to conclude there was a causal connection between Palacio’s injuries and the accident. Alan supported his demand by providing the insurer with copies of the doctors first two reports, which led to the insurer releasing its lien.
Alan engaged in similar fraudulent conduct involving several other clients. Alan’s sole intent was to unjustly enrich himself by collecting one-third of any proceeds paid by the insurance companies. In fact in one case, Alan knowingly concealed the death of his client while negotiating a settlement with the insurance company.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the enablers for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Board of Bar Overseers punished Alan by gifting him with a complimentary 1-year suspension of his law license.
As we speak (ca. October 2012) Alan practices with A Good Law Firm at 265 State Street Rear in Springfield, Massachusetts.
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