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Attorney Roy Barnes of Marietta, GA; moron, ethical gremlin


So-called high-profile attorney Roy Barnes of the Barnes Law group located in Marietta, Georgia, which is located in the greater Atlanta area, recently represented a convicted felon by the name of Judge Brooks E. Blitch the III. 
In the recent past, Judge Brooks E. Blitch the III was charged by the George Judicial Commission of collecting money from criminal defendants and using that money to make illegal payments to county employees, and of ordering the early release of six imprisoned felons.
A federal grand jury in Macon, Georgia indicted Judge Brooks E. Blitch the III for lying (aka, felonious perjury) to the grand jury and giving false statements to federal investigators (ala, Martha Stewart).
When Judge Brooks E. Blitch the III was charged with a multitude of egregious misconduct by the Georgia Judicial Commission, his attorney, former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes said he was “appalled.” Yeah, just like Jeffrey Dahmer was when he discovered that the Bush Administration had turned down his application for employment as the official caterer for the Whitehouse.
Now, I’ll readily admit that every criminal defendant is entitled to a vigorous defense; however, for attorney Roy Barnes to feign indignation that good ol’ Boy Georgia Judge Brooks E. Blitch the III was being charged with corruption doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
As proof positive that attorney Roy Barnes is a certified moron; enabler and apologist for official corruption in Mississippi, is the fact that on July 31, 2009 Judge Brooks E. Blitch the III pled guilty to a federal charge of obstruction of justice and his agreement to resin his seat on the bench.
In addition, an unreliable source indicated that as part and parcel of his guilty plea, Judge Brooks E. Blitch the III demanded and was subsequently assured that he would be bunking-up with Josephine in cell #914 at Leavenworth. Josephine’s real name is Joseph! Apparently, this agreement by the Feds cemented the guilty plea entered into by the Dishonorable Judge Brooks E. Blitch the III.
Attorney Roy Barnes’ Self-serving Web Site
In an over-the-top attempt to persuade the citizens of Georgia and elsewhere that he and/or his law firm are in business to serve their needs, attorney Roy Barnes has the chutzpah to put forth the following disingenuous claims on his web site at www.barneslawgroup.com 
  • Attorneys at Barnes have the unique charge of making it right for the citizens of Georgia and across the country
  • We make up one of the most powerful and verified group of litigators that always falls on the side of the consumer and the rights of the individual
  • Described as a “lawyer’s lawyer” and recognized by the American College of Trial lawyers as one of the top trial attorneys in the nation, Roy Barnes knew from a young age his love for the law and commitment to serving others has never wavered
  • Attorney Roy Barnes has developed an expertise in consumer class actions cases and product liability matters (aka, extorting settlements from deep- pocket defendants in exchange for receiving exorbitant attorney fees, right Roy Baby?)
  • Roy Barnes has been a public servant as long as he has been a crook, I’m sorry I mean lawyer
  • At age 26, Roy Barnes was sadly, I mean elected to the Georgia State Senate
  • In 1998, Roy Barnes duped, I’m sorry I mean persuaded Georgians to vote him as their Governor
  • Roy Barnes sez, from the day I was elected Governor, I knew I would return to the practice of law (Of course Ray because that’s where ya can really unjustly enrich yourself, right?)
I don’t know about y’all; however, if I lived in Georgia attorney Ray Barnes would be the last person I would contact if I needed to hire me an ethical attorney. Ol’ Ray Barnes, a real “peach” if ya know what I mean!
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