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Watchdog advises Judge Henry Shaw, Jr. to not refer to him as a lawyer

Many years ago I appeared before Judge Henry Shaw, Jr. who at the time was a Delaware County Common Pleas Court Judge. Delaware is about 20 miles north of Columbus.
During an initial hearing before Judge Shaw, he asked me if I would be kind enough to tell him what law firm I was associated with. I responded as follows:
  • “With all due respect, if you were to refer to me as a lawyer in the future, I may have to consider suing you for defamation.”
My comment caused Judge Shaw to break out in laughter. Suffice it to say that Judge Shaw was one of the finest judges I ever came across during the time I resided in Ohio. Unlike many, he had a great sense of humor and was a down-to-earth type of jurist. To bad he couldn’t have been cloned!
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